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Get your team up to speed

High quality Software can only be delivered by empowered teams.

Enable organizations to build better software

It is important to reduce the number of handovers in order to autonomously develop and deliver software. Start coaching the development teams to get the quality mindset. 

Together we simplify the software delivery process and organizational design. We measure and improve your software delivery performance using industry standards and good practices like DORA (DevOps Research Association). These principles and metrics focus on improving speed and quality of delivery and all that is necessary to achieve that.

Quality Mindset

Quality mindset enables teams to receive feedback faster by implementing the right tests at the right level. Qxperts helps changing the team’s outlook on quality with techniques like the Test Automation Pyramid and Specification by Example (SBE).

Software Delivery Performance

Software Delivery Performance requires increasing the predictability and removing time-consuming steps from your processes. Next to clear processes you need to bring focus to teams by having them work on fewer features at a time and increase collaboration.

Empowered Teams

Empowered teams can self-strategize resulting in more time to focus on innovation. Qxperts helps empowering teams by implementing a ‘keep the kitchen clean’ mentality in the teams (boy scouting principles) and aligning backlog tasks per role to ensure every team member contributes to testing activities.

Business IT alignment

Setting clear improvement goals is essential for LEAN Product Development. A thorough overview on team organization and interaction, the software delivery process, and the technologies used for both software delivery as well as the actual product being developed.