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Cloud Migration and Strategy

Organize Your Cloud Journey

Migrating to the cloud is more than simply saying goodbye to your data center. It’s a technological shift that impacts your entire business. Going cloud-native is a people business. Rely on Xebia to define and manage the transformation process.

Your Journey Towards a Cloud-Native Organization

By assessing your AI maturity level on our three pilars: people and skills, tools and technology, and data we help you to plot and execute your path to grow your AI capabilities.

  • Establish autonomy for business and technical capabilities.
  • Train, coach, and re-skill your team members.
  • Measure performance with SMART defined KPI's.
  • Deploy and run applications in a standardized way.
Cloud Maturity Scan

Plan Your Journey to the Cloud

The Cloud Maturity Scan is a practical assessment of your existing infrastructure and application landscape, skill level, operational efficiency, security, governance, and cost. The scan gives you a clear and actionable overview of your organization’s cloud maturity. Based on the findings, we will recommend steps to remediate and move ahead.

The Cloud Maturity Scan is executed during a three-week timeframe by a cloud engineer from Binx. This execution includes:

  • kick-off with all major stakeholders.
  • Interviews with employees whose work involves cloud technology.
  • technical assessment with code and architecture reviews.
  • An analysis of your organization’s cloud technology capabilities based on the outcomes of interviews and reviews
  • map of the findings plotted on organization, people, process, and technology.
  • final presentation to all major stakeholders that showcases the organization’s strengths and weakness, best possible next actions, and focus areas.
Get Your Head in the Cloud

Defining the Cloud Target Operating Model


To deliver value, teams need to possess autonomy on both architecture and business capabilities. This autonomy creates clear responsibilities and enables the highest possible velocity for change. An autonomous business capability is a multi-disciplinary unit in the organization which is capable of delivering business value to the customer without being dependent on other business capabilities.


Leveraging the benefits of the cloud requires teams to operate differently. This poses a significant impact on the required tasks and skills of the people working at your teams. We will train, re-skill, and coach the team members to work in the cloud environment.


The value for your customers and the requirements of the stakeholders will be stated in a clear, quantified and measurable way, using SMART defined KPI’s. The performance of the capabilities is continuously measured and monitored, allowing the teams to use the information to prioritize their efforts.


The preferred way of packaging applications for Cloud architectures is a (Docker) container image. This allows for a completely standardized infrastructure to deploy and run different applications in an uniform way.

Customer story

EnergyAlert Omitimizes Efficiency Using IoT Technology

Dutch Energy monitoring company expands its capabilities with state-of-the-art IoT services and techniques

Customer story

TJIP Targets Top Functionality— Migrates to New Cloud Platform

Smart platform developer accelerates functionality with tiered migration to Azure DevOps

Customer story

Sparco Saves Time and Cost with New Cloud Platform Initiative

Dutch marketing maverick works its magic with a new cloud platform and enhanced infrastructure

Customer story

Top Human Resource Provider Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

Visma Raet gains transformational business benefits by migrating its workload to the cloud with no downtime

Customer story

TFS Release Management Eases Isah’s Testing Time

Business software specialist for the manufacturing industry reduces the time required for testing, greatly improving its workflow

Customer story

Sustainable Energy Supplier Maintains Rapid Growth With Green IT

Early provider of sustainable energy in the Dutch market, Greenchoice professionalizes its IT department to deliver continuous value; builds a solid foundation for sustainable future growth

Customer story

Van Lanschot Uses Digital Transformation To Build Resilient, Future-Proof Operations

The oldest independent bank in the Netherlands, Van Lanschot, gets a full digital makeover, complete a new infrastructure-bolstering cloud platform

Customer story

B2B Tool Provider, Advanced, Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

British business software provider streamlines IT by migrating infrastructure to the Cloud; gives its customers a competitive edge

Customer story

US-Based Retail Giant Saves USD 250,000 in Annual Costs with Cloud Transformation

Apparel retailer implements an updated AWS to achieve cost optimization and improve application services availability to 99.5%

Customer story

DSM Launches “Green” Calculator for Farming Industry

Global science-based company use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a highly scalable tool to radically reduce environmental impact of animal farming

Customer story

Eneco Charges Forward with Innovative, Smart Cloud Architecture

Dutch energy group fosters innovation and sustainability through creation of eco-conscious applications and cloud migration

Customer story

Justice Department Achieves Faster Roll-outs and Fewer Errors

The Judicial Information Services Department of the Netherlands implemented new technologies to minimize exposure risks, without disrupting its services

Customer story

European Payment Platform Proves Its Worth With Move to the Cloud

ICEPAY undergoes IT infrastructure renovation, replacing old servers and databases while moving to a scalable cloud platform

Customer story

Retail Giant Accelerates Its Time to Market for Product Release

Retailer builds an easy-to-use and flexible web-based application for improved collaboration and quicker new product launch

Customer story

UK-Based Retail Giant Upgrades to a High-Performance Delivery Tracking System

Retailer builds a resilient, scalable tracking system with disaster recovery capabilities by migrating from AWS to Azure

Customer story

Complex Cloud Migration Within Limited Time

Striving for a flexible cost structure by moving from on-prem to the Cloud

Customer story

Delivering Data’s Digital Marketing Potential

Building a Cloud-Native Data Platform for A Multinational Logistics Services Company

Customer story

Speed, flexibility, and the beauty of simplicity

How NS International embraced Modern Cloud technology

Customer story

Luxury IT Company Creates Cloud-Centered Infrastructure to Serve High-end Automotive Retailers

PON IT delivers scalable, security-minded, Agile products and IT services through successful cloud migration

Customer story

Risk-Averse Insurance Behemoth  Transforms into a Responsive, Nimble, and Innovative Organization

CV, one of the Netherlands’  largest non-profit health insurers, optimizes costs and improves customer service by migrating to Azure Cloud