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Do you want to implement SRE in your IT organization?

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Consulting

Xebia's SRE Consulting and training portfolio provides a clear roadmap to a successful implementation.

Release faster and smarter than your competitor, while gaining and retaining happy customers



Today most companies can’t operate without IT. The systems and processes they support are so critical, their IT landscape has to be reliable.

Do you want to get your DevOps teams aligned to strive for high availability and high performance of services, while still allowing new product features to be developed quickly?  Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) helps to improve multiple areas within your organization with a strong focus on system reliability.

Xebia offers training, tailor-made workshops and consulting solutions to successfully implement SRE in your organization.

Start your SRE journey today

SRE Workshops

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a discipline that incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. The main goal is to create scalable and highly reliable software systems.

Whether you already started with your SRE implementation or are just beginning, Xebia's SRE workshop portfolio provides a clear roadmap to a successful implementation.

SRE Training

If you are the in charge of reliability, monitoring or operations and want to learn more about SRE, then join our Certified SRE Fundamentals training.

We will explore how SRE relates to DevOps and what business benefits come with the use of SRE. After the training you will be able to get started with SRE in your organization, as well as create a SRE culture based on its key elements.

SRE Masterclass

SRE is not only about the resilience of your technology backbone. It is about changing your culture towards a no-blame environment.

Effectively change your organization towards a SRE culture while keeping your authenticity is a hard one. During this masterclass, you will learn about the characteristics of organizational culture and different ways to change it. Get your hands on a skill-set to effectively change individuals, teams, and even the entire organization.

SRE in Practice

How to achieve a higher level of data quality with SRE

Imagine your scale-up company is truly data-driven and growing very fast. How do you make sure your data platform keeps catering to all your needs when you are not a scale-up anymore but belong to the most important players in your market?

And how do you tackle stability issues that might lure on your way?

This customer story shows how we helped our client to build a new scalable data platform based on the principles of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Read the full customer story


Customer story

Built a Central Platform Capability From 0 to 1 Within One Year

How Royal HaskoningDHV enhanced team compliance, fortified security, accelerated software delivery, and saved costs.

Customer story

Cloud Platform Delivers Innovative Simulations for Kongsberg

Maritime simulator specialists brings its products to the cloud, maximizing remote engineering potential.

Customer story

Saxo Bank Optimizes Services with Azure DevOps

Xebia guides the migration of BinckBank (part of Saxo Bank), to an Azure DevOps-based cloud solution without disrupting client services or the engineering team’s workflow.

Customer story

Mosadex Uses Remote Work and DevOps to Bridge Gap Between Teams

Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler streamlines workflow between internal units and external suppliers to improve product management.

Customer story

RH Marine Dives into the Future with Innovative Overhaul

Leader in marine systems automation upgrades IT architecture for a faster, more integrated approach

Customer story

Valk Solutions Boosts Delivery with VSTS

Retail automation specialist radically improves its delivery process utilizing Agile tools and cloud-native infrastructure

Customer story

Dutch Railway Company Journeys to the Cloud with End-to-End AWS Deployment

NSI migrates to a cloud environment improving design and development along the way

Customer story

B2B Tool Provider, Advanced, Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

British business software provider streamlines IT by migrating infrastructure to the Cloud; gives its customers a competitive edge

Customer story

Justice Department Achieves Faster Roll-outs and Fewer Errors

The Judicial Information Services Department of the Netherlands implemented new technologies to minimize exposure risks, without disrupting its services

Customer story

Complex Cloud Migration Within Limited Time

Striving for a flexible cost structure by moving from on-prem to the Cloud

Customer story

Delivering Data’s Digital Marketing Potential

Building a Cloud-Native Data Platform for A Multinational Logistics Services Company

Customer story

Enabling cross-Europe train travel through a modern API design

Customer story

Speed, flexibility, and the beauty of simplicity

How NS International embraced Modern Cloud technology

Customer story

Dutch Railway Operator Strives for More with DevOps Way of Working

DSO creates continuous value with team coaching, embracing DevOps culture and practices; feature delivery sped up to every two weeks

Customer story

A team-first approach in a DevOps transformation

ABN AMRO embarks on a DevOps transformation, pushing aside a technical angle and ushering in a customized team-first approach crafted by Xebia consultants

Customer story

Outdoor and Cycling Brand Rides High with Innovative New IT Platform

Shimano maximizes performance with a sleeker, streamlined IT environment adding value in six months

Customer story

Dutch Port Community System Improves Continuous Innovation through Cloud Initiative

Portbase migrates to the cloud, reducing costs, eliminating downtime and increasing functionality, using DevOps mindset

Customer story

WeTransfer: Creating the DevOps flow

Customer story

Online Bank Makes Money Moves with Adoption of Continuous Delivery

Knab keeps colleagues connected, ensuring successful continuous delivery and feature-rich, cutting-edge products

Customer story

Dutch E-Commerce Leader Transforms IT Infrastructure for Faster Market Delivery

Wehkamp increases its market delivery with a faster microservices platform, allowing for more team collaboration and an Agile work environment

Customer story

Sustainability and reliability: How to achieve a higher level of data quality with SRE

50% savings on energy and maintenance costs while working with a scalable and reliable data platform