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Demand Forecasting

Anticipate the Future

Streamline your processes with precision demand forecasting. Get to know tomorrow’s demand to make smarter decisions today.

Turn Forecast into Foresight

Sales forecasting is fundamental for every business, particularly in the realm of retail and e-commerce. By anticipating demand, businesses can allocate resources and set up their infrastructures accordingly. Xebia's demand forecasting experts help you predict the evolution of your product demand accurately, saving you from problems like understocking or overstocking, and optimizing your time and budget. Our consultants can help you set up forecasting from scratch or upgrade your current system. Our consultants can help you set up forecasting from scratch or upgrade your current system. They have already helped Ahold —improving the forecasting accuracy by 5%— and Kramp —improving it by 4%, saving the company 8 million euros yearly.



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What it takes to translate your strategy into business solutions

Your processes with regards to AI solutions are as important as building them and getting it into production. Ideation workshops, AI literacy trainings, product ownership and management of enterprise-scale projects it's all important. To do this you need the right analytical capabilities, workflows and be ready to scale. All this, with the right foundation in place: A modern data stack and data warehouse.

  • Develop business capabilities to discover and prioritize AI use cases
  • Maninging the AI products and leveling up AI-literacy
  • Developing the right analytics capabilities
  • Setting up the foundations with a modern data stack & data warehouse
Battle-Tested Methods

Implementing demand forecasting doesn’t come without challenges. This is how Xebia addresses them.

Embrace uncertainty

The future always brings unexpected surprises, but there are many changes you can anticipate. Xebia brings you the latest tools to model seasonal effects and offers you a wide range of possible scenarios.


Seasonality takes many forms: from weekend drops to Christmas surges. To track all components of seasonality, Xebia brings you high-performing machine learning algorithms that model the ups and downs in demand. Do you want to learn about the basics of forecasting and seasonality? Check out this blog post. Do you feel ready for a taster of how we do it? Take a look at this PyCon talk on Time Series with Python by our colleagues.

Seamless integration

The integration of machine learning models with your infrastructure can be costly. Xebia offers you a wide range of tested templates compatible with all major cloud providers and all type of data structures.

Continuous adaptation

Models become outdated because demand changes over time. This decrease in the model’s performance is known as data drift. By working closely together with your team, we will transfer the knowledge they need to retrain and update the model after we're done and gone.

The team at Xebia has shown a ‘hands-on, can-do’ mentality from the very beginning. They brought their experience in machine learning, data engineering, and best practices with them, and transferred their knowledge to the rest of the team from the get-go.
Simon Grest Data Science Team Lead (Operations)

Demand Forecasting Solutions

Xebia offers you a wide range of options in consulting, solutions and training to satisfy all your demand forecasting needs. If you would like to learn about this technology yourself, check out this training on Practical Time Series Analysis & Forecasting. If you are a manager hoping to get your team up to date with this technology, contact us below.