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Agile Consultancy Services

Fix What's Broken and Repair Agile

Speed up your Agile Journey by fixing what is broken

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How do you realize the change you envisioned?

Take the next step in your Agile Transformation.

You learned Agile and put the basics in place, but something is still going wrong. Why are you running into the same problems, or not getting the results you expected?

Transformations fail due to a lack of buy-in, vision, direction, or preparation. Changing the way you work is notoriously difficult to do. We frequently meet organizations that preach Agile but act traditional. So, how do you realize the change you envisioned?

Get back on track and turn the tide

Together we find out what's going wrong. Are people lacking knowledge? Is there another framework that is better suited to your business? Or, is technology a roadblock? We expose the pain points, fix what's broken, and ensure that Agile will continue to work for you and not against you. We have 20 years of experience in helping organizations adopt a new - Agile - way of working,. We recognize the struggles and know the solutions. 

Our 3-step approach


Before we can address the problems, we need to know what caused them. Why isn't your transformation taking off? We find the answers and turn that information into actionable steps.


Once we identify the pain points, we help you fix them, so you’re closer to being truly Agile: responsive to change, highly competitive, and driving business value.


During this journey, your organization will learn what real Agile is and anchor the changes with solid knowledge and skills. Teams and leadership can make or break Agile, so we’ll ensure they have what they need to continuously learn.

Learn more about our Agile Upskill Program. 

Customer story

Egypt’s Leading Private Bank Achieves Faster Product Delivery through Agile Transformation

Xebia helped Egypt’s leading private bank reduce UAT cycle time by 50-60% and cut down time to market by 40% through an Agile Transformation

Customer story

DevOps Reboot Secures Keylane’s Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Dutch insurance and pension SaaS provider Keylane revives DevOps and Kanban practices and significantly reduces the number of outstanding tickets and their turnaround time, resulting in happier customers and employees.

Customer story

Rabobank Focuses on the Future With Innovative Technology and Transformational Mindset

Multinational legacy bank customizes Agile journey to build strategic digital advantage; transforms itself for greater speed, flexibility, and responsiveness to meet customer demand and stay relevant

Customer story

Healthcare Pension Combines Health, Wealth, and Agility for Sustainable Asset Management

With quality assurance testing and Agile ways of working, a Dutch pension fund reduces cost, promotes cooperation, and remains competitive

Customer story

Leading Indian Bank Invests in Future with Complete IT Infrastructure Remodel

Bank updates existing software, creates cloud-native customer-360 platform and uses Scrum techniques to achieve greater functionality

Customer story

Van Lanschot Uses Digital Transformation To Build Resilient, Future-Proof Operations

Strategic use of Agile helps the oldest bank in the Netherlands maintain its license and realize digital ambitions

Customer story

Dutch DIY Leader Intergamma Doubles E-commerce Revenue with Agile

Intergamma adopts an Agile workflow to become an omnichannel retailer, improving both the customer experience and profits

Customer story

Dutch Government Unlocks Collaborative Efficiencies to Move Forward on Complex, Multi-Year Digital Migration Project

The Netherland’s Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations implements systems thinking and incremental delivery to improve stakeholder trust and enhance quality with new SAFe process

Customer story

Major European Aviation Hub Takes Flight with Extensive Digital Transformation

Schiphol builds up its commercial and digital presence, making strides in the trade and tourism sector as the market remains up in the air

Customer story

Dutch Coffee Giant Jacobs Douwe Egberts Rapidly Transforms eCommerce Operations

Jacobs Douwe Egberts achieves a 20% faster time-to-market and develops skills to thrive in a fast paced eCommerce market using Agile

Customer story

World’s Largest Soap Producer Stretches Project Capacity by 25%

Unilever reduces time-to-market, increases its innovative power, and achieves an estimated 25% growth in project capacity by embracing Agile

Customer story

Scientific Leader Nikhef Realizes 100% Workforce Transparency and Improved Efficiency

Dutch physics research institute optimizes HR efficiency across long-term projects while empowering staff and increasing job satisfaction

Customer story

Breaking Through Chinese Market with Innovative Distribution

Covestro takes the Agile path, creating a feature-rich platform and scaling to the Chinese market in four months

Customer story

ING Becomes World’s First Bank to Implement Agile Company-Wide

Dutch bank becomes more data-driven and customer-oriented while cutting personnel costs by 30% after implementing Agile

Customer story

TomTom Evolves from Hardware Company to World-Class Software Company

Customer story

Dutch Telecommunications Giant Expands Into Interactive TV

Market-leading KPN adopts new Agile and DevOps approaches to stay relevant as an interactive television and video platform


Agile Portfolio Management

A tailor-made, interactive learning experience for management, leaders, directors, and product owners. This high-intensive and impactful workshop is customized to support your organization’s unique transformation and particular business needs. 



Scaling Agile

Setting Up Your Organization’s Transformation for Agile Scaling Success.

In this 1-day workshop taught by our expert Agile consultants, you will learn the different frameworks for scaling Agile in part one. In part two, our expert will put a spotlight on your organization. This will enable you to get a clear picture of where to start with your transformation according to your organization's needs.

Benefits of taking this workshop:
  • Understand when and why scaling agility is critical
  • Learn the elements on which you can scale
  • Gain basic knowledge of the similarities and differences  between the 4 most common Agile scaling frameworks  (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Nexus) 
  • Experience scaling in practice 
  • Learn the right framework elements with which to approach scaling
  • Gain tips and tricks for making your Agile journey successful 
  • Generate specific ideas for scaling Agile in your organization