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Serious Gaming

Accelerate organizational change

Experience serious play in business

Serious Games bring powerful stories to life around paradigm concepts such as leadership agility, business agility, multidisciplinary teams, empowerment, and more.

By simulating reality, Serious Games create an experimental learning experience. They place people in a risk-free environment and support their engagement in an authentic experience that contextually demonstrates benefits and consequences.

The Impact of Serious Games
 during Transformations

Serious Games are designed for impact, not entertainment. They change the way you do things normally. We realize Serious Games for every level in the organization, from Leadership to professional teams in Business, Tech, HR, Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing.


Accelerate Simulation

In this online simulation, you build a virtual theme park in teams, complete with planning, execution, assessment, and retrospective.
The simulation allows people to explore boundaries, experiment, change strategies and make mistakes in a safe environment.

During the simulation, people work with the Agile rituals and become familiar with the Agile Mindset, which increases the success of putting it into practice


Ready to Adapt

Build the most innovative and creative system without losing sight of the client's needs? In three exciting sprints, participants will be introduced to the Agile mindset.

Will you be able to get one working system at the end? In this powerful team simulation, you work on a mini system that must be made into a working whole. To achieve the end result of a working machine, ultimate cooperation between teams is a must.


Portfolio Management Game

Planning and forecasting with multiple teams is a big challenge in many organizations. This game is designed to let participants experience how to plan with stable teams and to let them experience the benefits of planning with agile projects.

On a somewhat simplified portfolio wall, the participant is challenged to optimize the value generated by the teams.


Catalyst Puzzle Store

This Serious Puzzle Game puts your creativity, adaptability, and communication skills to the test as it challenges you to work better—together. You’ll learn in a way that actually sticks, through opportunities to experiment (and fail!) in a risk-free environment. 

  • Learn Agile through experience, as you solve the puzzle together as a team
  • Amplify organization-wide collaboration and boost teambuilding
  • Improve creativity and problem solving while working in Sprints


Search for boundaries, experiment, 
change strategies, make mistakes without immediately incurring real-life consequences

“The Accelerate Simulation ticks all Agile boxes. Learning fast, failing fast, thinking fast. Plus, having fun, which is something we all need these days.”

Angela Mejia Global Marketing Director at Unilever

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