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Cloud-First Workplace

Work. Done.

Are you tired of a workplace that keeps getting in the way of your work? Go for a cloud-first workplace and get your work done!

Focus on Your Work

When at work, you want to focus on what makes you unique: your core. You should not worry about IT, that is our core business.

At Xebia, we strongly believe in a cloud-first workplace that is simple, agile, green, and secure. Not only from an IT perspective but most of all for every end user.

By using proven, innovative, and safe SaaS solutions, you can keep doing what you are good at. Only faster and more effectively!


The Cloud-First Workplace

Simple. Agile. Secure. Green.

Workplace IT can be a burden. Especially for organizations and end users that are not IT focused. And even the more tech savvy companies struggle with getting a properly working workplace for their employees.

At the same time, security is essential, as is simplicity. Moreover, these past few years we have all seen and learned that most of our workplaces had to become more flexible.

We relieve organizations from their IT concerns, by helping them achieve a simple, agile and secure workplace, for everyone. From a zero-trust perspective, we offer selected SaaS solutions and work towards the ultimate, cloud-first architecture.

But… business transformation is not just about technology. It's about people and processes. It is never a quick fix, but a continuous journey.

How It's Done

The Next Step to the Cloud

The path towards the ultimate architecture is different for every organization. Based on two decades of experience, we developed a proven method.


To help us get the next view on your organization, your business, your IT challenges, and your ambitions, we always start with an assessment. This can be on one to four different IT levels: security, productivity, cost efficiency and sustainability. As a result, you receive a report stating your status quo, first steps to take, current risks, etcetera. Based on the assessment, we create a roadmap for your organization. What is the dot on the horizon and how do you get there? The roadmap is a perfect guide to define projects along the way.

Plan and Deploy

All solutions we offer can be deployed independently, at your pace and in a sequence that fits your path towards a modern architecture. A dedicated Project Manager leads the transformation projects in close cooperation with you. Digital Transformation can have a big impact on your workforce; therefore Change Management is key to a successful project. Deployment always starts with a group of Early Adopters, who will test and evaluate the new processes before going live on a broader scale.


After deployment, a Customer Success Manager continuously advises and supports you to further optimize your IT architecture. Through our support desk and regular training (on-site or public), your workforce can optimally benefit from our partnership and keep up with new features. In this phase we can also identify solutions that demand a more custom approach to meet your organization’s needs. Optimization is an ongoing process, where being simple, agile and secure is always our goal.

Customer story

Citymesh Takes Security to the Next Level

A leader in private 4G and 5G networks, partnered with Xebia to conduct a Google Workspace Security Assessment. This collaboration helped identify and mitigate security risks, significantly enhancing Citymesh's digital work environment.

Customer story

European Leader in Mobile Private Networks Takes Security to the Next Level

Citymesh mitigates risks to get attacked by cyber criminals by regularly scanning their IT environment

Customer story

From Complexity to Clarity: How DPG Media streamlines workflows

DPG Media uses to gain insights in processes and report results visually. The e-commerce department has turned their way of working around; with great successes on visualizing their results

Customer story

Mental Health Care Specialist Modernizes IT Landscape with Google Workspace

Yulius achieves cost savings and enhances user experience by transitioning from Microsoft to Google Workspace

Customer story

Belgian Homecare Provider Improves Service Efficiency with Freshservice

Due to an inefficient ticketing system, Het Wit-Gele Kruis was overwhelmed with service requests; Freshservice proved to be the effective solution they needed

Customer story

BeterDichtbij Streamlines Customer Service with Freshdesk

Rapidly expanding healthcare tech firm seeks structured customer service solutions to support its growth while staying organized

Customer story

Handicart Enables Disabled to Play Golf with Salesforce

Non-profit Handicart has streamlined its process and automated many things, like the way carts billed and how donations are tracked

Customer story

Prisma's Unique Approach to Prevent Data Breaches

Prisma stresses the importance of preventing data breaches and protect sensitive data carefully. Together with Google and Adapcare, they came up with a creative solution

Customer story

Altrecht Deploys Google Meet on a Large Scale

To continue meetings in huge groups during lockdown using Chromebooks, the  straightforward solution was to deploy Google Meet

Customer story

Amstelring Employees Work Remotely with Chromebooks

Employees of Amstelring were required to go to the office to check emails or write reports. It was time for a change so that caretakers could spend more time with clients

Customer story

LGBTQ+ Non-Profit Automates Admin with Salesforce

COC Netherlands increases donations and improves volunteer deployment using Salesforce to enhance relationships and manage projects

Customer story

Gavra Turns to Xebia to Modernize its Applications with Google and Cameyo

Belgian ceramic tile wholesaler decided that migrating to Google's ecosystem was the ideal solution to become more scalable

Customer story

Mobile Operator Offers Agents a Carefree Cloud-First Workplace

Mobile Vikings chooses to work with Google Workspace and ChromeOS to get their work done, and have recently equipped their customer care team with ChromeOS devices

Customer story

Corporate Document Platform Upgrades with Freshdesk Integration

Information specialist xential creates highly professional experience for clients with move to a centralized platform and portal

Customer story

Freshdesk as a Growth Catalyst for Appo

Appo’s focus on digitalization leads to increased customer and employee satisfaction, as well as significant company growth by leveraging Freshworks software

Customer story

Health Insurer DSW Implements Google Workspace as First Step in the Cloud

DSW was looking for a way to simplify collaboration, while still complying with all the European and Dutch laws. Xebia guided their move to Google Workspace

Customer story

CFYE Creates Jobs in the Middle East and Africa with Salesforce

Challenge Fund for Youth Employment has one big mission: creating employment for young people. To support this, they needed better Grant Management

Customer story

Chromebooks Enhance Quality of Healthcare Provided by Aafje

Healthcare provider Aafje realized that staying a top employer requires innovation. Therefore, Aafje has decided to start deploying Google Cloud technology

Customer story

Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation  Unifies Processes with Salesforce

Every Ronald McDonald 'House' used its own software, from post-its to spreadsheets. The foundation realized it was time to streamline these processes

Customer story

Sentimo Streamlines  Customer Service with Freshdesk

Sentimo streamlined the back office to enhance customer service and to better forecast shifts in workload with Freshdesk

Customer story

Study Association Aureus Improves Results with Salesforce

Study Association Aureus realized they lacked the right systems to manage relations properly, and communication was a challenge

Customer story

LumApps Intranet Makes the Spark Fly for Antwerp Firefighters

To enhance communication throughout their scattered organization, Antwerp Fire Brigade realized a new intranet was needed to replace their outdated intranet

Customer story

Shell Recharge Spurs E-Mobility with Google Workspace

Shell Recharge Solutions was looking for a dedicated and reliable partner to help get the most out of Google Workspace

Customer story

Hersenstichting Automates Target Spending System with Salesforce

Hersenstichting ("Brains Foundation") was looking for a way to save time and standardize processes. Salesforce turned out the best solution to achieve their goal

Customer story

Stichting Vluchteling Replaces iFunds with Salesforce for Fundraising

The fundraising tool iFunds was deemed outdated for Stichting Vluchteling. Hence, they started looking for a new solution to manage fundraising

Customer story

Better Data and Communication for Plukon Food Group

Plukon Food Group needed to modernize their IT infrastructure for better email and more efficiency. After considering various options, Plukon opted for Google

Customer story

Past Salesforce Implementation Future-Proofs Dutch Nonprofit for Celebrity Fundraiser

Het Vergeten Kind ("The Forgotten Child") technically primed for major donation surge — thanks to early digital transformation

Customer story

Flemish Fire Brigade Zone Increases Safety and Flexibility With Google Workspace

Emergency fire brigade moves to secure cloud-first workplace, making collaboration between professional and volunteer firefighters more functional, all while retaining full control over the data in its domain

Customer story

Bruynzeel Stores Go Digital With Chromeboxes

Kitchen design house revamps stores to focus on customer experience and increases sales

Customer story

Homerr: Fast Response Time, Satisfied Customers

Integrating customer service channels onto a single platform gives innovative parcel delivery network a premium service level

Customer story

Fitness Franchise Gets Fit with Google Cloud

Fit20, a global franchise network of fitness studios, optimized its communication and innovation by leveraging Google Workspace to scale up

Customer story

New Support Platform Proves Big Hit for Prato Clients

Innovative HR company switches its customer service platform to Freshdesk, to mass stakeholder approval

Customer story

Photographer’s Foundation Gets Picture-Worthy Upgrade and Digital Transformation

A charitable organization with focus on indigenous cultures, The Jimmy Nelson Foundation gets digital uplift improving international coordination

Customer story

Emergency Service Embraces Cloud

Antwerp Fire Brigade moves to Google Workspace for more efficient emergency management to better serve citizens in need

Customer story

DPG Media Profits from Move to Google Workspace

Leading digital media group streamlines its internal collaboration power through Google Workspace — unifying people while saving time and money

Customer story

Altrecht Quickly Adapts to Treating Patients from Home Using Chromebooks

Mental health care provider enabled to treat patients remotely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting Chromebooks

The Five Elements of a Cloud-First Workplace


Identity Management

Every industry deals with privacy-sensitive data, so controlled access is essential. Users must be able to demonstrate who they are in order to use applications made available to them. With an Identity Provider (IdP), users can log in once (SSO) and then access the systems they need for their work. Easier for the user, safer for the organization.


Office Productivity Tools

Every organization sends emails, makes calendar appointments and saves documents. For this you need a so-called 'Office Backbone': Office 365 or Google Workspace. We deliberately choose Google Workspace because we only want to work in the browser. If you work with Office 365, you still need all kinds of local software. That requires extra management, time that you would rather spend on other things. And more importantly: your organization is less secure.


Seamless End-User Experience

Finding client data, business protocols or internal memos can take a lot of time. Time that people would rather spend on their core business. That is why it is important to create a platform that makes all relevant information of the organization available in one go: a social intranet. Link the back with a beautiful front that is based on the needs of the user and thus also create more connection in the organization.


Business-Critical Applications

In addition to the 'Office Backbone', an organization uses all kinds of (sector) specific systems. And those are not always cloud-based or SaaS applications. Because we are convinced of working in the cloud, we also want to virtualize those applications and make them available in the browser. In addition, the data present must also link directly with O365 or Google Workspace. With Cameyo, we offer organizations secure access to business-critical apps and through the use of ChromeOS devices, hardware costs and cybercrime risks are immediately reduced.



If elements 1 to 4 are present in your organization and everyone can work in the browser, do you still need the same hardware? Perhaps, but for a large part of the organization, such as the front-line workers, probably not. An important next step is therefore to switch to super-secure, cloud-first, cheaper and sustainable hardware: ChromeOS hardware.