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Thank you for your interest. Please note, however, that as of October 2023, we are no longer offering Freshworks solutions. If you are interested in other cloud-first workplace-related solutions, please click the button below. 

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More about Freshworks

Better Customer Experience, Drive Growth

Freshworks is a customer engagement software company that provides a range of products to help businesses improve their customer support, sales, and marketing, with distinct benefits.

  1. Easy-to-use interface: Freshworks provides an intuitive interface that requires minimal training, making it a great option for businesses with limited resources or new staff.
  2. For all business sizes: Freshworks offers flexible pricing plans to suit various business needs and budgets, making it an attractive choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking to keep costs under control.
  3. Comprehensive features: Freshworks' products cover customer support, sales, and marketing needs, working seamlessly together on a single platform, all sharing the same familiar interface.
How we can help you

Xebia as Your Freshworks Partner

Xebia helps Freshworks users to benefit from the full capabilities of Freshworks extensive platform and helps them achieve the following.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Looking for a way to decrease churn rate and turn customers into ambassadors? Freshworks is the way to go.

Automate Customer Service

Save loads of time with advanced customer service automations, like chatbots and automated replies.

Achieve Full Adoption

Freshworks houses virtually endless functionality. We ensure sure your team starts utilizing (the full capabilities of) Freshworks.

Integrate Tools & Apps

Integrate Freshworks with all your tools and apps to streamline your business.

Acquire Valuable Insights

Data on customer service can provide valuable insights, like how time is best spent and where you can achieve better results.

Structure Workflow

Structure your workflow and never miss out on new sales opportunities or client requests, for longer-lasting customer relations.
Customer story

Belgian Homecare Provider Improves Service Efficiency with Freshservice

Due to an inefficient ticketing system, Het Wit-Gele Kruis was overwhelmed with service requests; Freshservice proved to be the effective solution they needed

Customer story

BeterDichtbij Streamlines Customer Service with Freshdesk

Rapidly expanding healthcare tech firm seeks structured customer service solutions to support its growth while staying organized

Customer story

Corporate Document Platform Upgrades with Freshdesk Integration

Information specialist xential creates highly professional experience for clients with move to a centralized platform and portal

Customer story

Freshdesk as a Growth Catalyst for Appo

Appo’s focus on digitalization leads to increased customer and employee satisfaction, as well as significant company growth by leveraging Freshworks software

Customer story

Sentimo Streamlines  Customer Service with Freshdesk

Sentimo streamlined the back office to enhance customer service and to better forecast shifts in workload with Freshdesk

Customer story

Homerr: Fast Response Time, Satisfied Customers

Integrating customer service channels onto a single platform gives innovative parcel delivery network a premium service level

Customer story

New Support Platform Proves Big Hit for Prato Clients

Innovative HR company switches its customer service platform to Freshdesk, to mass stakeholder approval

How we work

Our Implementation Approach



We start with a kick-off session in which we determine the objective, scope, planning and role distribution.


How do you work now, how would you like to work, is there room for improvement and automation?


Once your environment is set up, we provide training so that everyone is ready to work with the new software.


During the go-live we provide live support and assistance.


At the end of the implementation we evaluate whether the goals have been achieved.