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Cloud-First Workplace

Google Workspace: Optimal Cloud Collaboration

Google Workspace brings email, chat, files, meetings and your favorite apps into a people-first experience powered by Google so that you can safely connect, create and collaborate from anywhere

All Communication and Documents in the Cloud for Optimal Collaboration, Safe and Secure

google workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools designed to help businesses and organizations collaborate and communicate more effectively.

With Google Workspace, businesses can access a variety of tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, all integrated seamlessly into a single platform. This makes it easy for teams to work together on projects in real-time, from any device and location.

How we can help you

Xebia as Your Google Workspace Partner

Xebia helps Google Workspace users to benefit from the full capabilities of Google Workspace extensive platform and helps them achieve the following.

Better Collaboration and File Sharing

Xebia helps you to collaborate optimally and simplify file sharing. 

Migration to Google Workspace

Allow Xebia to help your organization migrate to Google Workspace without losing any of your data.

Stay Compliant and Protect Your Data

Xebia helps you to put data protection first and stay compliant with Google Workspace

Connecting with Other Software and Tools

Connect with all of your current tools, apps and software.

Never Out of Sync

Lost edits and out-of-sync files belong to the past with the entirely cloud-based software for real-time collaboration.

Achieve Full Adoption

Xebia ensures everyone in your organization gets familiar with Google Workspace and knows how to benefit from all features Google Workspace offers.
Meet all Google Workspace apps

The Most Advanced Cloud-Based Office Suite: Google Workspace

Meet the most advanced cloud-based office suite for optimal collaboration and security.


Access your email from every device in the cloud with world's most popular email software.

Google Calendar

Meet Google's user-friendly and accessible calendar with an intuitive interface and excellent integration capabilities.

Google Drive

Google's entirely cloud-based drive storage enables you to access and share files from any device.

Google Meet

Meet with up whoever you want remotely (including groups up to 250 people), straight from your browser.

Google Chat

Chat safely with both coworkers and external individuals with end-to-end encryption and Google integration.

Google Docs

Lost files and out-of-sync text documents belong to the past with Google's cloud-based text editor.

Google Slides

Build slideshows and presentations faster than ever before with Google's presentation app.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets enables you to work on the same spreadsheet and sync changes real-time.
“I have lots of experience in the IT field and led many implementations. Normally, we get lots of complaints, but the rollout of Google Workspace was a positive experience. There was enthusiasm for something new. Everyone loves it.”
Amstelring Logo
Yoanette den Boer Information & Automation Manager at Amstelring
Customer story

European Leader in Mobile Private Networks Takes Security to the Next Level

Citymesh mitigates risks to get attacked by cyber criminals by regularly scanning their IT environment

Customer story

Prisma's Unique Approach to Prevent Data Breaches

Prisma stresses the importance of preventing data breaches and protect sensitive data carefully. Together with Google and Adapcare, they came up with a creative solution

Customer story

Altrecht Deploys Google Meet on a Large Scale

To continue meetings in huge groups during lockdown using Chromebooks, the  straightforward solution was to deploy Google Meet

Customer story

Amstelring Employees Work Remotely with Chromebooks

Employees of Amstelring were required to go to the office to check emails or write reports. It was time for a change so that caretakers could spend more time with clients

Customer story

Gavra Turns to Xebia to Modernize its Applications with Google and Cameyo

Belgian ceramic tile wholesaler decided that migrating to Google's ecosystem was the ideal solution to become more scalable

Customer story

Mobile Operator Offers Agents a Carefree Cloud-First Workplace

Mobile Vikings chooses to work with Google Workspace and ChromeOS to get their work done, and have recently equipped their customer care team with ChromeOS devices

Customer story

Health Insurer DSW Implements Google Workspace as First Step in the Cloud

DSW was looking for a way to simplify collaboration, while still complying with all the European and Dutch laws. Xebia guided their move to Google Workspace

Customer story

Chromebooks Enhance Quality of Healthcare Provided by Aafje

Healthcare provider Aafje realized that staying a top employer requires innovation. Therefore, Aafje has decided to start deploying Google Cloud technology

Customer story

Shell Recharge Spurs E-Mobility with Google Workspace

Shell Recharge Solutions was looking for a dedicated and reliable partner to help get the most out of Google Workspace

Customer story

Flemish Fire Brigade Zone Uses Google Workspace to Increase Safety and Flexibility

HVZ Fluvia finds new ways to collaborate in a secure web-based environment offering data control and increased agility and support

Customer story

Better Data and Communication for Plukon Food Group

Plukon Food Group needed to modernize their IT infrastructure for better email and more efficiency. After considering various options, Plukon opted for Google

Customer story

Flemish Fire Brigade Zone Increases Safety and Flexibility With Google Workspace

Emergency fire brigade moves to secure cloud-first workplace, making collaboration between professional and volunteer firefighters more functional, all while retaining full control over the data in its domain

Customer story

Fitness Franchise Gets Fit with Google Cloud

Fit20, a global franchise network of fitness studios, optimized its communication and innovation by leveraging Google Workspace to scale up

Customer story

Leading Online Travel Provider Embraces Google Workspace

Global online travel company Travix saves time and expands its capacity by migrating IT to the cloud

Customer story

Photographer’s Foundation Gets Picture-Worthy Upgrade and Digital Transformation

A charitable organization with focus on indigenous cultures, The Jimmy Nelson Foundation gets digital uplift improving international coordination

Customer story

Emergency Service Embraces Cloud

Antwerp Fire Brigade moves to Google Workspace for more efficient emergency management to better serve citizens in need

Customer story

DPG Media Profits from Move to Google Workspace

Leading digital media group streamlines its internal collaboration power through Google Workspace — unifying people while saving time and money

Our Google Workspace services

How can we Help you with Google Workspace?

You can start today just by yourself with Google Workspace. But in case you need any additional guidance, there is a team of Google Workspace experts ready to assist you. That's how you bring Google Workspace to the next level!

Google Workspace Management

We manage data accessibility, compliance and general Google Workspace management

Google Workspace Migration

We'll ensure that everything works perfectly after migration without losing any data.

Google Workspace Training

Enable everyone in your organization to use Google Workspace as effective as possible with our Google Workspace training.

Google Workspace Compliance

Comply with all data protection and privacy laws with our Google Workspace compliance services.