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LumApps: the Modern Employee Experience

The employee experience platform that engages every employee with personalized communication and simple contribution when and where they want to work

The Social Intranet for the Best Employee Experience



LumApps is the best platform for keeping employees organized and engaged: share company events, news, enable file sharing, create onboarding workflows on one recognizable platform.

With an increasing number of people working remotely, LumApps can still remain employees involved with company calendars, events and meetings.

More about LumApps

Discover the Award-Winning Social Intranet LumApps

Augment your employee experience from day 1 with the award-winning social intranet. LumApps is the only Intranet recommended by Google.

  • Ease of use: LumApps has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for employees to find the information they need quickly.
  • Customizability: LumApps allows you to customize your intranet with your company's branding and messaging, which can help build a stronger sense of community among employees.
  • Integration capabilities: LumApps can integrate with other business applications such as G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce, allowing for a seamless workflow across your organization.
  • Mobile access: LumApps can be accessed from any device, including mobile phones and tablets, making it easy for employees to stay connected on-the-go.
  • Analytics: LumApps provides detailed analytics on intranet usage, helping you measure engagement and identify areas for improvement.
How we can help you

Xebia as Your LumApps Partner

Xebia helps LumApps users to benefit from the full capabilities of LumApps’s extensive capabilities.

Unify Communication

Xebia helps you to set up this intranet to end fragmentation of information and files.

Spur Collaboration

Xebia helps you to interfaces that support collaboration and file sharing between teams and employees.

Boost Employee Engagement

We are working more remotely than ever. LumApps helps you to boost employee engagement regardless of location.

Tailor Intranet Environment

Create an environment completely tailored to your needs that looks recognizable in the colours of your company.

Ease File Access

We help you to create a hub where all shared files come together and can be found by the ones who might need them.

Integrate Google Workspace

With the far-reaching Google Workspace integration, calendar data and files can be shown to pre-defined users.
“To make our LumApps product completely our own, we have added a design layer together with g-company. The look-and-feel of our intranet is now really on fire!”
Kristof Geens Product owner at Antwerp Zone Firefighters
Our LumApps solutions

How We Can Help You with LumApps

In case you need a head start, additional guidance or simply help with getting the most out of LumApps, we're ready to assist you.

LumApps Training

Make sure everyone in your organization uses LumApps as effective as possible with our LumApps training offerings.

LumApps Consultancy

Curious how you can use LumApps even better for optimal employee engagement? Let us help you.