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Automate, organize and collaborate with the endless possibilities of's WorkOS the WorkOS for a New Way of Working is a cloud-based project management and team collaboration tool that can help businesses of all sizes improve their operations and boost productivity. With its customizable workflows, user-friendly interface, and extensive integration capabilities, offers a versatile and powerful solution for managing projects, tasks, and teams.

By providing a clear overview of tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities, can help businesses stay organized and efficient, while also improving communication and collaboration across their organization. With its intuitive design and ease of use, is an ideal tool for businesses that want to streamline their operations, enhance their collaboration and communication, and achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

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Ditch your Spreadsheets, Collaborate Better

Once you get to know all functionality for project management, process optimization, task automation and collaboration, we assure you you'll never go back to your cumbersome spreadsheets. 

  1. User-friendly:'s easy interface simplifies task management, project tracking, and team collaboration.
  2. Better collaboration: Its collaborative workspace allows great communication and file sharing capabilities.
  3. Automation and integration: Automatoon and integration features help save time by automating repetitive tasks and integrating with third-party apps.
  4. Customization: also offers customization and scalability with customizable boards, templates, and workflows that fit the unique needs of teams of all sizes.
How we can help you

Xebia as Your Partner

Xebia helps users to benefit from the full capabilities of’s extensive platform.

Achieve Time Savings

Xebia helps you to achieve huge time savings on repetitive tasks, by setting up automations and integrations.

Improve Remote Collaboration

Prioritization is deemed very difficult for a lot of organizations. We help you to automate and ease this process.

Replace Spreadsheets

Most spreadsheets used for projects are cumbersome and hard to understand for everyone involved. 

Connecting Apps & Tools

Connect with all of your current tools, apps and software.

Build Custom Solutions

Xebia builds custom solutions for your specific needs, like apps, integrations, dashboards, views and client portals.

Boost Adoption

Xebia ensures everyone in your organization gets familiar with and knows how to benefit from all features offers. apps & extensions

Extend Your Functionality is out-of-the-box a very extensive tool. Yet what applies to any product, has its limitations when it comes to what functions and integration are directly available. With the following apps and tools you will be able to extend the functionality drastically.
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How Xebia Can Help You

You can start today just by yourself with But in case you need any additional guidance, there is a team of ready to assist you. That's how you bring to the next level! Training

Make sure everyone in your organization uses as effective as possible with our training offerings. Consultancy

Curious how you can use even better to automate tasks and streamline workflows? Let us help you. Development

Looking for extended functionality that's not readily available in Our technical experts are available to help you out with tailored solutions.
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Schedule a meeting with account manager Jochen and get to know everything about and how it can benefit your organization.