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Cloud-Native Software Development

Services With a Custom Edge

Cloud-native software development means that you start a software project directly in the cloud, so you utilize one or more cloud providers to their fullest extent.

Improving quality and reducing risk

The benefits of cloud-native software development are more than an expedited workflow.

By leveraging cloud products and services, our engineers are able to develop powerful, scalable applications that you probably wouldn't be able to create on your own. By continually releasing new services and revising and improving existing services and applications, cloud-native software development empowers your organization to innovate at nearly the same pace as the hyperscalers.

Cloud-Native Software Engineering

Focus on what matters for your business

If you are using serverless technologies, you are offloading most of the infrastructure work to the cloud platform's own engineers. The advantage is partly being able to focus on what matters in your business, and partly getting access to cutting edge technology." Developers then have access to technology they do not have to create or maintain, enabling them to apply their skills in other ways.

Theoretically, any company can reap the benefits of cloud-native software development. However, services and applications offered vary between cloud providers, presenting limitations and logistical issues. If one cloud provider cannot meet all of a company's needs, it can be difficult to navigate operating within multiple providers or migrating applications from one provider to another.

Cloud-native software development levels the field by enabling companies to operate with the same resources. In other words, companies have the same toolbox. One significant benefit is that companies do not need to hire as many experts. If you can leverage the services that have been tested and refined for a reasonable price, that will save you money in the end. If you don't have access to the cloud, you have to make everything yourself, which requires a lot of experts. Using the cloud gives companies that only have a few engineers access to world-class technology. A small team using the cloud may then be as effective as a large team doing everything from scratch.