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Cloud Optimization

Managed Cloud Services

Migrating your on-premise IT-landscape one-on-one to the cloud does not necessarily lower your costs. It's how you manage and optimize your workloads according to the pay-as-you-go model of the cloud that determines your efficiency in the long run.

Continuously modernize your cloud environment

The unique elements of Xebia's Managed Services solutions:
  • Flexible levels of Managed Services
  • DevOps focussed solutions 
  • Delivered by ISO 27001 and 9001 certified engineers
  • Direct involvement with a dedicated support team
Embrace the flexibility of the cloud

Agility and flexibility at scale

Running a cloud platform provided by a public cloud provider is mostly driven by business agility. It enables you to respond quickly to new business ideas and requirements. Cloud services are consumed in a pay-per-use, on-demand and self-service model and will be crucial in solving your challenges. However, setting up and maintaining a public cloud platform requires a deep understanding of the platform.

A Next Generation

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Capacity

Managed Cloud Capacity is focused on cost analysis, cost optimization and cost management but also gives capacity advice (rightsizing). All these are ingredients of a mature FinOps capability that your organization will need for a successful cloud journey.

Managed Cloud Platform

We consider our Managed Cloud Platform service to be the kind of service you should expect from a next generation Managed Service Provider. Whether it’s a managed cloud platform (landing zone) or a managed service for the workloads on the platform you’re after, we have a proven track record providing this type of service for a wide spectrum of use cases. 

Professional Services

We offer additional professional services such as training and bootcamps, strategic consultancy, engineering, CCoE leadership and staffing as well as cloud-native development. We can help you migrate entire application portfolios and can provide incentives, tools and knowledge.