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Organize Your Cloud Journey

Cloud Strategy

Uncover the opportunities that cloud technology holds for your business.

Your Journey Towards Becoming a Cloud-Native Organization

Going cloud-native is people business. It’s a technological shift that impacts your entire business. Rely on Xebia to define and manage the transformation process.

A cloud strategy bridges your current IT utilization and your cloud ambitions. In three phases, we launch you onto the cloud:

  • Discovery and Planning
  • Operation and Compliance
  • Cloud Center of Excellence

Start Your Engine

Realize Your Cloud Strategy With Xebia

Migrating to the cloud is more than simply shutting down your data center. Running your business applications in the cloud asks for next level responsibility from all stakeholders. From developers to budget owners – We make sure that your organization is ready and motivated to adopt the new way of working.

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Discovery and Planning

By uncovering the underlying motives that drive your need for innovation, we pinpoint the cloud solutions you need to realize your ambitions.

  • Technology Assessment
    Translating digital ambition into a roadmap towards the cloud. 
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
    In-depth stakeholder interviews and workshops to assess your cloud readiness.
  • Migration Roadmap
    A detailed plan of what your organization can expect from a journey to the cloud.
  • Cloud Business Case
    A thorough analysis of your current IT landscape and calculations on what value the cloud will bring you.
Guardrails for Success

Operation and Compliance

It's not just hardware that's being replaced and applications that are moved when you migrate to the cloud. Running your business applications in the cloud asks for a new level of responsibility from all stakeholders involved. Whether it is the developers or budget owners, we will make sure your organization is aligned with the new way of working that comes with the cloud.

Cloud Governance

A clear overview of all stakeholders and their responsibilities for the cloud.

Cloud Operating Model

Strategies to reliably and securely operate your applications and bring business value as early as possible.

Cloud Security and Compliance Framework

A framework to translate your regulatory and legal compliance needs into technical requirements for your cloud environment.

Driving Cloud Adoption

Cloud Center of Excellence

A solid foundation allows you to continue your migration planning. To create dedicated cloud governance within your organization, we set up proactive teams that have a clear responsibility when it comes to the cloud. This team is your Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and is the driving force behind your organization's internal cloud adoption.

We make sure your CCoE is aware of all the steps that need to be taken and we define the responsibilities needed to carry them out.

Organizational Model

Designing organizational models that describe all capabilities that need to be present in your CCoE.

Organizational Roles

Creating a blueprint of all the roles necessary to create the CCoE and helping you to source these roles effectively. 

Migration Planning

Allocating funds, people, and resources to efficiently execute the cloud migration and solution development.