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Are You in Control of Your Cloud Costs?


FinOps is a new approach to the cloud that ensures that you're doing everything according to cost-effective best practices. We help your organization to become aware of cloud waste, how to solve it, and then how to actively prevent it. This relates to all levels of stakeholders: from CFOs and budget owners to the engineers that are in control of the costs.

Modernize Your Cloud Environment Continuously

We offer cost-efficient tools and processes to ensure continuous innovation in the cloud.

The Unique Elements of Xebia's FinOps Solutions:
  • Certified in Cloudhealth and FinOps Foundation
  • Experienced with all market-leading FinOps tools
  • Dedicated FinOps team to ensure continuous optimization
  • Performed hundreds of cost optimization scans
  • Average yearly savings achieved: 24,2%
Embrace the Flexibility of the Cloud

Cost Savings and Flexibility at Scale

Migrating your on-premise IT-landscape one-on-one to the cloud does not necessarily lower your costs. It's how you manage and optimize your workloads according to the pay-as-you-go model of the cloud that determines your efficiency in the long run.

Start Saving on Your Cloud Bill

How We Do FinOps

Cloud FinOps Framework

This Framework is made with the purpose to implement cloud cost management within any organization, and is built on Cost Analysis, Cost Optimization and Cost Management.

Cost Optimization Scans

We continuously scan your environment and fully utilize your cost savings potential on your cloud platform. Reports and results are shared with your time, together with advice on how to optimize your environment for future use.

Cloud Procurement Contracting Advisory

By analyzing your current cloud spending, we help you bring the most optimal terms and conditions in place with your preferred cloud provider to help you scale your cloud usage efficiently. 

FinOps Essentials Training

Beside the knowledge transfer after each Cost Optimization Scan, we offer training on all the FinOps basics necessary to maintain a healthy cloud bill and help your team to become aware of their responsibility in generating cloud costs. 


GreenOps is a cloud operating model that encapsulates all the efforts done to reduce the carbon footprint of the resources running on the cloud by the cloud user. When optimizing your environment for costs, we can take into account the necessary measures to visualize and reduce the emissions of your workloads as well.

Managed Services and Support

Take control of your cloud consumption with Xebia Cloud Control. Complete insight into organization-wide cloud consumption, receive periodic reviews of your environment and get access to proactive support. All without additional costs.

Start saving on your cloud bill. Contact us!