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Are you in control of your IT emissions?


GreenOps is a cloud operating model that encapsulates all the efforts done to reduce the carbon footprint of the resources running on the cloud by the cloud user. When optimizing your environment for costs, we can take into account the necessary measures to visualize and reduce the emissions of your workloads as well.

Cloud Sustainability

Our GreenOps practice aims to provide concrete and measurable inputs to cloud users and stakeholders and make them carbon-intensity aware.

The unique elements of Xebia's GreenOps solutions:
  • Reduce your IT carbon emissions
  • Improve corporate sustainability reporting
  • Create organizational awareness on your carbon footprint
  • Reduce wasted cloud resources and optimize your spend

Embrace the flexibility of the cloud

Improve your Carbon Footprint

With sustainability and ESG taking an important role in decision making, Xebia has developed a Cloud Sustainability solution that provides actionable insights and near-real time carbon footprint data along with reports and dashboards. Xebia consultants provide your organization cloud carbon optimisation recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint in a targeted manner.

Discover your carbon footprint

Our Cloud Sustainability Approach

Create Visibility

Gather, calculate, estimate and assimilate carbon emission equivalents produced by your cloud usage.

Understand your footprint

Understand and present carbon emission data, split among scopes. to users in a multi-dimensional format.

Report on your emissions

Enable reporting for various stakeholders through intuitive AWS QuickSight dashboards.

Optimize your workloads

Define and govern science-based targets using globals standards to meet internal and global targets.

Communicate your results

Communicate and align with internal stakeholders by integrating GreenOps with internal sustainability matrixes.

Customer story

Dutch Banks Assemble to Fight Financial Crime

TMNL helps Dutch banks monitor suspicious transactions

Customer story

Managing the evolution of CustomerGauge’s AWS Environment at scale

Customer story

Interflon: Adopting the Cloud in Just 6 Months

To increase data security and embrace new business opportunities, a leading lubrication solutions manufacturer decided to move to the Cloud.

Customer story

Driving Sustainability: Blonk Partners with Xebia for Cloud Carbon Reduction

Xebia employed a dashboard and implemented daily updates to provide Blonk with almost real-time visibility into their AWS carbon emissions, elevating their understanding and management of these emissions.

Customer story

Innovative Scale-Up Leverages Data to Insure Small Entrepreneurs

Insify harnesses data resources to offer digital insurance solutions more quickly and competitively through a tailor-made cloud platform

Customer story

C-Facts Realizes Innovative Control Center for Sustainable Cloud Services

Cloud-native provider of insights into digital cloud footprints undergoes a Well-Architected Review of its AWS platform to ensure scalability; implements solutions that result in less downtime and improved time-to-market — and more satisfied customers overall

Customer story

Cloud Platform Move Enhances Insurance App’s USP

A migration to AWS Cloud enhanced an SaaS app developer's unique services by improving product response times and features

Customer story

Leading FinTech Brand Retains Market Lead With Cloud Solution

The world-leading FinTech company migrated to AWS Cloud, modernizing its platform to ensure it maintains its strong market position

Customer story

AIXBRO Speeds up Searches With AWS Serverless

The leading Swiss automotive parts distributor used a Proof of Concept to discover how the cloud could secure its future growth

Customer story

Serverless Improves Automotive SaaS Solution at Fraction of Cost

In automating its serverless platform using the AWS Cloud to meet the automotive industry’s needs, metrologx gained widely applicable cost and performance benefits

Customer story

Serverless Architecture Increases Coople Innovation

Europe's largest digital staffing platform moved to Amazon Web Services cloud hosting, enhancing its market-leading web app development

Customer story

Data Security Key to Coople Cloud Integration

Europe’s largest online staffing agency conducted a full audit of its AWS cloud architecture to ensure users’ personal data remains fully secure

Customer story

Hospitality Industry Goes Cloud-First With Foodback

Norwegian startup helps businesses manage feedback in real-time cloud-based hospitality app hosted on AWS

Customer story

AWS Cloud & Machine Learning Help RASP Focus On Quality Content

Innovative Polish publishing house optimizes its publications for commercial partners with image recognition tool that streamlines editorial process

Customer story

Advanced Leverage DevOps Engineers, Accelerate Cloud Migration

Advanced, a leading management software supplier, migrated an acquisition to an in-house AWS infrastructure for greater efficiency, simultaneously upskilling its team

Customer story

Lift & Shift Migration Makes IT More Cost-Effective for Software Provider

Advanced — a dynamic business software and services provider — migrated its Marketplace software to a bespoke cloud solution, resulting in a cheaper and more efficient IT infrastructure

Customer story

Leading Fintech App Optimizes AWS to Give Premium Service

Bizcuit overcomes cloud overwhelm to better serve  customers while keeping the highest compliance standards.

Customer story

EnergyAlert Optimizes Efficiency Using IoT Technology

Dutch Energy monitoring company expands its capabilities with state-of-the-art IoT services and techniques

Customer story

Sparco Saves Time and Cost with New Cloud Platform Initiative

Dutch marketing maverick works its magic with a new cloud platform and enhanced infrastructure

Customer story

B2B Tool Provider, Advanced, Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

British business software provider streamlines IT by migrating infrastructure to the Cloud; gives its customers a competitive edge

Customer story

DSM Launches “Green” Calculator for Farming Industry

Global science-based company use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a highly scalable tool to radically reduce environmental impact of animal farming

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