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Support All the Way

Managed Services and Support

Cost allocation, unforeseen cloud consumption, and failures due to a non-optimized cloud infrastructure. Does your organization have a grip on its cloud environment?

Always-On Support and Insights

With Xebia Cloud Control you have access to a complete overview of the entire cloud consumption across your organization. Receive periodic reviews of your environment and get access to proactive support. Take control of your cloud consumption with Xebia Cloud Control.

The cloud should not be fuzzy. Xebia makes sure you are in control.
  • Proactive support delivered by a team of cloud specialists.
  • One clearly specified monthly invoice, giving you a detailed insight into the cloud consumption within your organization.
  • 24/7 Access to dashboards
  • Regular reviews to check for potential optimization of your cloud environment.


End-to-End Peace of Mind

Cloud Control


As most cloud environments are not isolated, it is extremely difficult for cloud architects and cloud engineers to create and maintain environments that are completely optimized. In practice, added workloads and processes can lead to inefficient performance. Cloud Reviews help you optimize your cloud environment sustainably for minimum cost, maximum security, the most efficient performance, the highest reliability, and operational excellence.


For business-critical processes, downtime or underperformance are unacceptable. Cloud-native practices like extreme automation, standardization, and event-driven architectures contribute to the eradication of performance issues. With Cloud Support, organizations have the peace of mind of Xebia's support engineers who are available to ensure optimal performance for your cloud operations.


With Cloud Control, you receive one invoice with a clear overview of all cloud consumption across your organization. On top of this, you can access real-time interactive dashboards. If something is off, you will be notified immediately while our highly-experienced team of engineers pro-actively resolve the issue.

Cloud Capacity Management

Our Cloud Capacity Management provides you with accounts, consolidated billing, and support on cloud services. When it comes to cloud capacity management, cost and sustainability are two important pillars. Services include cost analysis, cost optimization, and cost management but also capacity advice (rightsizing). All these are ingredients of a mature FinOps capability that your organization will need for a successful cloud journey.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services help you adopt the cloud with continuous innovation, elasticity, and scalability. All this, while you remain in control of your costs and platform management remains as easy and convenient as possible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Managed Services provide a configured cloud platform designed for scalability, durability, security, and agility. This includes the foundation to develop and run applications without the burden of operating a platform. The Managed Cloud Platform service has been designed to give you full focus on business logic and applications, and at the same time enable a DevOps way of working.

Whatever your use case or imperatives, we facilitate the transition to public cloud and a DevOps way of working.
Full Stack

Our Managed Services

Managed Cloud Workloads

Our Managed Cloud Workload service covers the deepest layer of your cloud stack. We take care of the applications that are running in your cloud environment and cover all the application-specific components down to their OS level. This comes with a dedicated support team, active monitoring and incident response management. Total peace of mind.

Managed Cloud Platforms

We consider our Managed Cloud Platform service to be the kind of service you should expect from a next-generation Managed Service Provider. Whether you are looking for a managed cloud platform or landing zone, or you require a managed service for specific workloads, Xebia brings the experience and expertise to take care of it. And, if you are up to it, we are more than happy to teach you how to do it, too.

Managed Cloud Security

Continue developing while being ensured of continuous security and compliance. Rely on our cloud security engineers to take over management of your cloud services and implementation of security measures. Through monitoring and reporting we help you identify and deal with threats before escalation.
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