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Turn-Key Cloud and Data Solutions

Delivering and implementing turn-key data platforms which offers great flexibility to suit today's need of adapting quickly to the fast changing-market.

Building a data platform that can tackle any data challenge

While many organizations recognize the need for a data platform to generate value from data and AI, building infrastructure often is not their core business. We help organizations to build and implement highly flexible solutions. A solution that is mainly based on readily available components, to speed up your time-to-market and reduce implementation and maintenance costs.

This results in a more standardized implementation that still offers enough customization to fit your specific needs with a high focus on increasing value and efficiency.

With the challenges organizations are facing in today’s market there is a high need to be able to adapt quickly when needed. A turn-key data platform that uses existing data components is our solution. Your organization will be highly flexible and has growth capabilities with certainty. Our solution can be used for any of your data application needs and uses proven, cutting-edge technology that is easily available and can integrate into any of your products. 

Cloud and Data Solutions

We have a cloud-agnostic approach to a Cloud and Data Solution, we can cater for any cloud and integrate with already existing infrastructure be it on-prem or cloud.

  • A standardized platform with high flexibility
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Addition to the platform: Enablement Tooling
  • Cost reduction by splitting compute and storage
  • Roll out multiple instances of the same Data Platform
  • Proven concept implemented by leading enterprises
  • Support whenever you need