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Realize Your Data and Analytics Ambitions

Data Strategy

As leadership, you’ve invested time and resources in data, analytics, and AI. Let’s look at the results: are you realizing business value?

The Journey Towards a Mature Data Organization

Today, over 80% of companies consider data an essential part of their strategy. However, according to our annual data & AI survey, only 1 in every 6 organizations actually succeeds in developing data applications that are adopted and used by the business. Organisations realise that becoming successful with data is not just a technology challenge, but that it also requires a culture and mindset change. Given these diverse challenges in working with data, and how they affect everyone in the organisation, we believe that a company-wide strategy is needed to effectively work with data and analytics at scale.  

Data strategy should always follow from your business objectives. Data is a powerful tool that helps organisations make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth.

A data strategy therefore describes how organisations will remain competitive in an increasingly data-driven business landscape. This is what a data strategy should embody for your organisation: 

  • Your organization has the ambition to become more data-savvy and knows why and how to leverage data, analytics & AI for competitive advantage.
  • You know which strategic use cases or business opportunities are critical for business success with data and analytics. 
  • Your data ambitions are translated into a concrete and realistic roadmap that contains actionable plans to achieve well-defined data and analytics objectives.
A data strategy is much more than a document. It describes why the organisation should change and where it is going. It is the start of a true transformation process and guides you through your data journey


The Road to Success With Data

Discover what it takes to become a mature data and analytics organisation. Read our whitepaper about the ‘AI Maturity Journey’.


What it takes to translate your strategy into business solutions

Your processes with regards to AI solutions are as important as building them and getting it into production. Ideation workshops, AI literacy trainings, product ownership and management of enterprise-scale projects it's all important. To do this you need the right analytical capabilities, workflows and be ready to scale. All this, with the right foundation in place: A modern data stack and data warehouse.

  • Develop business capabilities to discover and prioritize AI use cases
  • Maninging the AI products and leveling up AI-literacy
  • Developing the right analytics capabilities
  • Setting up the foundations with a modern data stack & data warehouse
The core components of data strategy

Our Data Strategy Services

Based on years of hands-on experience, we bring a pragmatic and realistic approach centered around concrete and achievable steps towards your goals. Our data strategy is directly executable, and we would love to kick-start it with you.

Maturity Assessments

Assess where you are in your data journey. Xebia has a proven data and analytics maturity model that covers both technical capabilities and business adoption factors. Based on the outcomes, a practical roadmap is created regarding people, data, technology, sponsorship, funding, and business processes. Gain insights into your organisation’s maturity through one of the following services:

  • Assess the entire organisation’s data maturity through a full assessment.
  • Review a specific topic, e.g., assess your technology platform or do a people-and-skills assessment.
  • Check regulatory compliancy on topics like security, privacy or ethics.

Data Objectives

A successful data strategy stems from the corporate strategy and organizational goals. Your leadership should understand the rapidly evolving fields of data, analytics and AI, articulate top-down key objectives to remain relevant in a changing competitive landscape, and lead the change. To achieve these goals, we recommend following these steps:

  • Inspire and educate upper management through executive (CDO) training.
  • Define your organisation’s data ambitions with a North Star workshop.
  • Establish your key success metrics for value measurement.

Data Use Cases

Data, analytics, and AI must be monetized to get a return on investment. Xebia has a proven solution framework specifically for identifying, refining, and guiding analytics use cases from idea to product. The process includes:

  • Collect use cases through inspiring and activating use case ideation workshops.
  • Refine, prioritize, and deliver on use cases from your use case portfolio.
  • Establish and value track the business case of your use cases.

Strategy Execution

To evolve from a well-written document into a well-implemented way of working, a strategy needs to be effectively communicated and adopted. The proof in the pudding is to actively promote and encourage the strategy, while showing concrete results from realising your defined objectives and use cases. To achieve this, we recommend to:

  • Assign a program manager or head of data and analytics to lead use cases.
  • Define and act on a communication and change management plan.
  • Enable your senior management to make the right decisions and ensure progression through strategic coaching and mentoring.

Discover Your Data Maturity

Gain valuable insights into your organization's current data practices and identify areas for improvement.
This assessment spots process
gaps and provides a glimpse of the various maturity drivers that are essential for business success with data and analytics.

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