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Machine Learning, Data, and Cloud Engineers

Grow your own team!

While consultancy offers instant development capacity, your organization might need more than just a temporary knowledge injection.

Grow your own team and get support in your long-term goals

Besides developing solutions and training your people, we can also help you to find and attract IT talents. 

We offer learning and work programs for intermediates. We teach them the ins- and outs of Operations, Data, and Cloud, while making a long-term contribution to the growth of your organization. Four days a week they are on the job and once a week they spend a day learning the ropes from our trainers. After a year, you can add these professionals to your workforce without any restrictions. 

Unlike a trainee- or internship, this program is designed for people who have 2 to 5 years of work experience. They can handle a demanding schedule! 

Xccelerate your Career

We are on a mission to eliminate the shortage of highly skilled Data, Cloud, and AI professionals. We accelerate you through our advanced 13-month programs in Machine Learning Engineering (MLOPs), Data Engineering, Cloud Engineering, or Cloud Development (AWS/Azure). Our 13-month programs combine an advanced training program with working at one of our partner organizations like Heineken, KLM, ING, Vattenfall, Randstad Group, Mollie, and FedEx for example.

Xccelerated is a Xebia initiative.

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