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Data and AI Maturity

Where do you stand as an organization?

Are you gaining business value from the work you've put in Data and AI?

Your journey towards an AI-driven organization

We help businesses to identify their Data and AI maturity level and to organize themselves to become truly data-driven.

Today, about 80% of companies consider data an essential part of their strategy. However, only 15% actually succeeds in developing data applications that are adopted and used by the business. 

With businesses heavily invested in data and AI, what makes the difference to be successful with AI?

To help you in your journey to become a data-driven organization,
we offer;

  • Our Maturity Audit to assess where you currently stand.
  • Data & AI Strategy for setting your vision and long-term goals.
  • Tactical plans like a Data Product Roadmap or Capability Design.
  • Part-time coaching to guide you through your data journey

What it takes to translate your strategy into business solutions

Your processes with regards to AI solutions are as important as building them and getting it into production. Ideation workshops, AI literacy trainings, product ownership and management of enterprise-scale projects it's all important. To do this you need the right analytical capabilities, workflows and be ready to scale. All this, with the right foundation in place: A modern data stack and data warehouse.

  • Develop business capabilities to discover and prioritize AI use cases
  • Maninging the AI products and leveling up AI-literacy
  • Developing the right analytics capabilities
  • Setting up the foundations with a modern data stack & data warehouse
The road to AI maturity

Three challenges for organizations striving to become data-driven

Business capabilities

To translate your strategy into Data & AI Business Solutions you need the right roles and capabilities within the organization. 

  • Discover and prioritize AI use cases
  • Manage the AI products
  • Level up the AI-literacy

Analytics capabilities

We are experienced in how AI projects need to be executed. Our lead data scientists and lead data engineers set up workflows, coach your experts and scale your engineering culture.

  • Build your data science and data engineering chapters
  • Lead the way with senior experts
  • Implement the most effective workflow