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Microsoft Services

Azure Cloud Transformation

Your cloud transformation done right

Do you want to reap all cloud’s benefits without it taking up all your time? We get you started with azure in only two weeks! 

We have been moving customers to the cloud since 2014, so we know how to accelerate this journey! We help you implement and ensure you’re secure and compliant by default in a fraction of the time. Our assessments, audits, cloud readiness scans, and coaching help you embrace the cloud and a DevOps way of work.

Everything you need for your Azure Cloud Transformation

Our Programs

Utilizing years of experience, we guide your Azure Cloud Transformation with a wide variety of programs. From cloud assessments and readiness scans to cloud accelerator programs and eventually cloud control services.

Assessments and Audits

Before embarking on a journey to the cloud, an assessment of your IT landscape reduces the risk of unforeseen events that will delay the transformation. An Azure health check is an indispensable part of any cloud transformation. It provides an exact starting point and makes ambitions tangible.

Cloud Readiness Scan

To guide you through the complex process of a cloud transformation, we have introduced the no-nonsense Cloud Readiness Scan. Leveraging the experience of more than 50 cloud transformations, we take you by the hand, structure your questions and bring the right people together to find the right answers.

Cloud Accelerator Program

Our five-day Cloud Accelerator Program is a pressure cooker for businesses that don't waste time. Whether you are shifting from selling a product to selling a service or migrating business-critical apps to the cloud, we've got your back. 

Cloud Control

Cloud Control provides you with insights into your cloud consumption and a specified invoice so you can use the available solutions to your benefit. Additionally, our team helps you reduce your cloud costs by advising on which services you should use.