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Cloud-Native Software Development

Flexibility, scalability, and resilience 

The cloud is fundamentally different from the infrastructure you have used for the past decades.

We help you rebuild, refactor, re-architect, or build cloud-born software that embraces the characteristics of the cloud and maximizes business results. We coach, train, and re-skill your teams to build cloud-native software. We offer software audits and cloud-native software development and skills assessments.

Cloud-native software development

Our Solutions

Greenfield Cloud-Native Software Development

Our team of experts create differentiating software for your core business when no standard application is sufficient. Everything we build is optimized for operational cost and specifically tailored to your business needs. With maintainable, high-quality software for complex domains, we will guide you to an ROI in record time.

Cloud Identity Management

How to get a grip on user accounts, authentication and authorization in applications and web single sign-on? We help you to be secure and compliant by setting up a state-of-the-art Identity Management solution that is optimized for cloud-based solutions.

Application Modernization

Many companies have existing applications that are not future-proof anymore. We modernize your applications and make them fit for future while helping you discover new business models by reimagining existing applications and features. Additionally, we will eliminate any dependencies on legacy platforms and frameworks.

Cloud-Native Architectures

Cloud has shaken up the job of Software Architects. Instead of looking at a piece of software as a whole, we now divide it into small parts. Now you need to consider the monthly costs for every part. We provide in-depth information, guidance, and training on creating Cloud-Native software as cost-efficiently as possible, without jeopardizing performance.