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Microsoft Services


Accelerate Your Software Delivery

Struggling with software release timings, team collaboration gaps, and system stability? Seeking improved efficiency, innovation, and security in software development? Our DevOps solutions are crafted to tackle these issues, boosting your success. 

Unlock the full potential of DevOps with Microsoft technologies. We streamline development, testing, and deployment, automate workflows, and improve team collaboration. 

Whether you are new to tools like GitHub, Azure DevOps, or Azure Kubernetes Service or familiar with them, we help you deliver software faster and more reliably through guidance and training, as well as managed services designed to meet your needs. 

Our Services

Azure Landing Zone

The Azure Landing Zone is a cloud foundation for all your cloud workload. It enables you to scale your company cost-effectively. Azure Landing Zones are set up in a scalable, secure and compliant, and cost-effective way. Using Microsoft Azure cloud-native services, we set up your landing zone in only three weeks. The landing zone is set up according to the Hub and Spoke model, recommended by Microsoft itself in their Cloud Adoption Framework.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Let our engineers focus on the reliability of your systems so that you can focus on delivering business value. Using SRE practices, we ensure you are constantly in control. We provide top-notch engineering to make sure that we meet your objectives. And in the event of an incident, we step-in, make it a lesson learned, and ensure it never happens again.

Managed Devstack

Focus on the things that matter for your business – and let us take care of your developer tooling. Reuse our experience with developer tooling and processes and let us do the heavy lifting, like managing your source code, collaboration and wikis, CI/CD including code scanning and security, analytics and monitoring, team and access management, and training and onboarding.

Cloud Control

Cloud Control provides you with insights into your cloud consumption and a specified invoice so you can use the available solutions to your benefit. Additionally, our team helps you reduce your cloud costs by advising on which services you should use.