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The Beat of Innovation: Digital Transformation with a GitHub Heart

We know GitHub inside and out. It drives how Xebia works internally and with our customers. Whether you're looking to leverage Generative AI, embrace end-to-end security, maximize productivity and facilitate collaboration on top of version control, or need continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) for your projects, Xebia is ready to help you unlock your organization's potential with the power of GitHub.

Leveraging GitHub for Cutting-edge Digital Transformation Solutions

You're here because, like many of our partners, you're looking to enhance your operations with cloud solutions or DevOps. But sometimes, there's a deeper challenge lurking. Have you ever felt like your progress is crawling? Have you missed golden opportunities due to delays? Maybe you've grappled with overpriced products, subpar customer experiences, lengthy application load times, or those unexpected bugs that keep appearing.

You're not alone—and it doesn't have to be this way.

We've assisted numerous organizations, just like yours, in navigating these complexities. Our extensive experience across sectors and countries has identified eight common challenges to fast, flexible, and cost-effective IT. The model we've crafted helps us tackle your immediate pain points and, together, pave the way for a resilient, agile, and thriving IT environment.

Getting Started With GitHub

Empowering DevOps with GitHub

DevOps is not just about tooling: it is about empowering teams to work together towards a common goal: great software, smoothly delivered. Let's share our strategic, 4-stage journey.

  • Stage 1: Launch
    To ensure you know all the benefits of the GitHub ecosystem before you even start, we provide in-depth awareness sessions and introduction workshops that take a “show, don’t tell” approach. This first stage is critical to positioning the assessments, quick starts and bootcamps that will follow.
  • Stage 2: Prepare
    Next, we assess your status quo and ambitions then create an actionable roadmap that sets you up for success in your target environments.
  • Stage 3: Enable
    Our enablement blueprint — a carefully crafted combination of training, workshops, migrations and quick starts — ensures you hit the ground running.
  • Stage 4: Improve
    By empowering your team with expert services and optimizing how the new tools are being leveraged, we help you continuously improve, so you get the most out of GitHub.


Are you working with GitHub, or just passionate about GitHub and want to stay ahead of the curve? Look no further! Our monthly newsletter is curated by our GitHub experts working closely with the platform and GitHub daily.

Our Service Domains

Our methodology revolves around three core domains. In each domain, we initiate our process by understanding your unique position, your corporate framework, and your vision. Collaboratively, we chart out a success trajectory using our enablement blueprint. Our overriding intention is to bolster your success journey, with GitHub at its heart.

Streamlining AI-Driven Digital Transformation with GitHub Copilot

Every Pilot Benefits From a Good Copilot 
We work in an Agile way and everything we do adheres to these core principles: 
  • Empower developers
    The environment must work for and with the developers, with resources at their fingertips 
  • Make metrics count
    No endless dashboards and lists instead, clear and concise insights 
  • Secure everything 
    And we mean EVERYTHING — from coding practices to supply chains and development to production 
  • Automate even more
    Everything that can be automated, is automated to help drive quality, consistency and satisfaction

GitHub Training

We know GitHub, and we love sharing that knowledge with others. We build GitHub training through our Xebia Academy. We've also trained thousands of GitHub and Microsoft employees. Our training is one of many options we provide to help you unlock GitHub's potential for your organization.


DevOps Acceleration with GitHub

The essentials of DevOps and GitHub to streamline your software delivery. Learn to track progress with clear metrics and improve workflow using GitHub's native tools for a simplified CI/CD process. Written by Microsoft MVPs Marcel de Vries, Michael Kaufmann and Rob Bos.
Innovation • Collaboration • Continuous Improvement 

Cultivate an Engineering
Culture with GitHub  

"Every company is fundamentally an IT company. Whether you're a bank, insurance company, logistics company, or retailer, IT and software are critical to your success." — Marcel de Vries, Xebia

The GitHub platform offers several tools and features that can help you improve the Developer Experience for your organization. These include:

GitHub ActionsGitHub Actions

Automate your software workflow from idea to production, now with world-class CI/CD. 

GitHub Codespaces 
 GitHub Codespaces 

Spin up fully configured dev environments in the cloud and start coding instantly

GitHub Advanced Security 
GitHub Advanced Security   

Minimize attacks by creating secure and compliant software from the start 

GitHub Copilot for Business   GitHub Copilot for Business  

Manage AI-powered coding assistant accounts within your organization or enterprise.  

Why Xebia

We deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation — with GitHub at the heart of our services and operations. Our comprehensive portfolio spans Development, App & Infra Modernization, Data & AI, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud platforms — all powered by GitHub. 

  • We are the first GitHub Verified Partner in Europe and now a global partner.
  • We are one of the few partners worldwide that can do GitHub CSP. 
  • We build GitHub trainings through our Xebia Academy. 
  • We've trained 3,000+ Microsoft and GitHub Employees.
  • We are a tier-one Microsoft partner, AWS partner, and Google Partner.
  • We offer around the clock managed solutions to ensure workload continuity for business critical processes
  • We meet our customers where they are by providing global organizations of all sizes & verticals end-to-end solutions, starting from architectural design through to managed services
  • We provide top 250 global companies with comprehensive IT solutions.  

Xebia is a driving force in the GitHub ecosystem, unlocking the potential of organizations worldwide to build better and more secure software.  

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