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GitHub Services

Developer Experience and AI​

Keep Developers in the Flow of Creating Great Software — Powered by Generative AI  

Streamline Your Development with AI-Enhanced Coding and Collaborative Cloud Tools

Transform your coding experience with our comprehensive solution, where AI-enhanced efficiency, seamless collaboration, and effortless cloud technology come together for you.

Imagine your coding and review tasks becoming more efficient and intuitive, thanks to our AI Copilot tailored to your needs. Collaborate with ease, as our environment is designed to integrate teamwork naturally into your workflow, boosting both productivity and team dynamics. Enjoy the simplicity of our user-friendly cloud platform, which allows you to focus on your creative and innovative work, leaving the technical complexities to us.

Make informed decisions swiftly with actionable insights provided by our tools. With us, your development process is not just about coding; it's about working smarter and achieving greater success

Supported by AI

Copilot acts as an AI “pair programmer” for developers to support writing and reviewing code​

Focused on collaboration

We aim to set up environments in which working together is the natural state of things​

Empowered by the cloud

A developer should have the span of control he/she needs without having to divert attention to complex procedures​

Driven by insights

Nobody likes dashboard-driven decision making. We help making the right choices based on actual insights.​

Improving Developer Experience

  • Awareness​ To help stake-holders to really understand DevEx
  • Roadmap Collaborate to create a vision and plan towards improved DevEx
  • Preparation​ Set up environments, tools, processes, and teams
  • Enablement Work with teams to learn and embrace DevEx building blocks​

Developer Experience

We leverage GitHub building blocks to help drive Developer Experience

GitHub Copilot Supports developers in building amazing software at blistering speed, powered by AI​

GitHub Codespaces Removes the hassle of setting up and decentrally maintaining development environments

GitHub Actions Automation via well-designed