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GitHub Services

Enablement & Adoption 

We first establish a solid foundation, followed by equipping your organization and development teams with the tools they need to succeed

Elevate Your Development with AI and Cloud Innovation

Revolutionize your coding journey with our integrated solution, where AI-driven assistance, seamless collaboration, and cloud-empowered efficiency converge to enhance your development experience.

Imagine a workspace where our AI Copilot is not just a tool, but your personal 'pair programmer', streamlining code writing and review processes to match your pace and style. In this environment, collaboration isn’t just a feature; it's the foundation, enabling you and your team to work together naturally and productively.

The cloud empowers you with control and simplicity, liberating you from complex procedures. This is complemented by our commitment to insight-driven decision-making, equipping you with real, actionable insights for smarter, faster choices. With us, you’re not just coding; you're shaping the future of development with every line of code, supported by AI, unified in collaboration, and guided by clarity.

Supported by AI

Copilot acts as an AI “pair programmer” for developers to support writing and reviewing code​

Focused on collaboration

We aim to set up environments in which working together is the natural state of things​

Empowered by the cloud

A developer should have the span of control he/she needs without having to divert attention to complex procedures​

Driven by insights

Nobody likes dashboard-driven decision making. We help making the right choices based on actual insights.​

Improving Developer Experience

  • Awareness​ To help stake-holders to really understand DevEx
  • Roadmap Collaborate to create a vision and plan towards improved DevEx
  • Preparation​ Set up environments, tools, processes, and teams
  • Enablement Work with teams to learn and embrace DevEx building blocks​

Mastering GitHub Platform Features 

Foster transparency and traceability across developer teams for all projects. Track changes, work on multiple branches, and review, discuss, and incorporate changes from multiple contributors via pull requests and code reviews — even those outside your organization.  

Communicate effectively to efficiently manage tasks, track bugs, and feature requests and monitor project progress with Issues, Projects, and Milestones.  

Automate tasks, tests, and deployments, and streamline development pipelines for enhanced efficiency.  Build and test code, deploy software, continuously integrate and deliver at top speed — all while maintaining code quality.