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GitHub Copilot for Business

Adoption program

Accelerate The Speed Of Software Development

Drive innovation, developer productivity, code quality, and security, with our customized training, implementation, advisory services, and support to help your development teams integrate GitHub’s AI Pair Programming solution into your software engineering practices.

GitHub Copilot for Business Adoption Framework


Onboarding by enabling GitHub Copilot in your company, network, and policy settings.


Readiness and training with interactive labs that cover all Copilot features available.

Actual Use Cases

Optimization and advanced usage for actual use cases to leverage suggestions effectively.
An Integral Part of Innovation

Enablement at Organization or Enterprise Level

  • Awareness: Increase awareness among your software engineering teams about the capabilities and benefits of GitHub Copilot to increase usage

  • Implementation: Set up and configuration of licenses and seats with networking configurations, proxies, and policies for the GitHub platform

  • Training: In-depth resources, demos, and sessions to help developers understand how GitHub Copilot works, its features, and how to integrate it into the existing development process.

  • ROI Analysis: Insights about the time saved and the quality improvements gained that lead to cost reductions and increased profitability.

  • Proof of Concept: Experience its benefits firsthand before doing a full-scale adoption

  • Support: Ensuring that the developers receive technical support and updates to maximize the functionality of GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot for Business

Quickstart as Proof of Concept​


Identify a project and a team that can be suitable to leverage GitHub Copilot


Guidance with hands-on assistance for working with Copilot on the chosen projects


Enterprise-wide integration by delivering standards and guidelines from the PoC
Our Approach

​​Empowering Developers to Innovate Faster

  1. Prepare
    and readiness
  2. Ready
    Training and roadmap adoption
  3. Implement
    Identify projects and teams to execute a PoC
  4. Rollout
    Large scale rollout with professional support