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Security & Compliance

Secure Software Begins with Secure Development

Secure Your Business from the Start with Our Integrated Security Approach

In today's digital world, security is your top priority, and it begins with a culture shift. Embrace our security-first approach to ensure every team member, from development to operations, prioritizes protecting your business. 

By integrating security at the project's inception, you avoid the risks and complexities of post-deployment fixes or reacting to breaches.

Experience seamless security with automated compliance. Our use of tools like GitHub Actions and GitHub Advanced Security embeds essential security measures into your development process, making compliance effortless and standard in every build. Secure your business’s future by making security a fundamental part of your strategy from day one.

Build a security-first culture

This needs to happen across the business, and does not end with development or even IT​

Integrate security early

Starting with a security mindset is much easier than implementing security after deployment (or after a security breach)​

Compliance through policy automation

Automate as much as possible – make security a standard part of build automations via GitHub Actions and GitHub Advanced Security​

Security Enablement Blueprint

​Empower individuals, teams, and organizations​

  • Assessment​ Interviews and reviews of policies and tools currently in place​
  • Roadmap​ Dive deeper into your status quo on processes, tooling, ​and software
  • Enable individuals, teams, and organizations by training, understanding, and working alongside​
  • Improve by embedding, supporting, and reinforcing​

Secure Development 

We leverage GitHub building blocks to help drive Developer Experience

Secure DevOps Assessment focuses on how a team works and what tools are used.

Secure Software Assessment is about security in your code base, including code analysis and secret scanning.

Supply Chain Assessment is a follow up that dives deeper into dependencies and SBOMs​.