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High-quality solutions

Fit-for-purpose technology solutions

Get your company specialized in the best-in-class methods like progressive delivery, the next step in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. 

Fit-for-purpose technology solutions for high-quality outcomes

A gradual roll-out process managed by e.g., ‘feature flags’ empowers you to increase speed and reduce risk and complexity. 

Start building and optimizing your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines, test automation environments, and realize observability in complex systems.

We measure and improve your software delivery performance using industry standards and good practices like DORA (DevOps Research Association). These principles and metrics focus on improving speed and quality of delivery and all that is necessary to achieve that.

Continuous Testing

So you think you need a tester? Think again! Do you lack confidence in your existing setup to not automate it completely? Qxperts helps you to grow the necessary confidence to test throughout your complete software delivery process.

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery allows your development team to release features quickly with less risk. Already using continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) as part of your software delivery pipeline? Qxperts will speed up your team in taking next steps to high-quality software delivery.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery

Does it take two months to release a sprint’s work into production? Enable your teams to confidently and continuously deliver value into production. This allows you to use your valuable time to critique the product, think like the business and grow your customer base and satisfaction.


Functional Monitoring helps bridge the gap between technical metrics and real user impact to make the observability of the system complete. Observability will provide control, confidence, and visibility on the real impact of incidents. To help create an effective strategy for Functional Monitoring we developed the Functional Monitoring Quadrants.


Delivering quality IT solutions requires a controlled software development process

Xebia believes that software development should always add value to your business. From requirement, to infra, development, deployment and running it in production. All these aspects combined make or break the service you offer to your customers.

We look forward to join your team and assist with solving any challenge you might have. Let’s get in touch!

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