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Software Product Engineering

Your Product Is Our Priority

Build the best software products the world has ever seen

co-Creating Future-ready Software Products

Every company is a software company. Software products, platforms, and ecosystems are running the world. Be it, the foundational cloud and data platforms, or the business capabilities that your employees need, or the customer experience platforms to support the customer journeys to their delight, all IP needs to be built with product thinking. Whether you are in the business of software (ISV) or born with software (software-driven digital business), teaming up with an authority in software product engineering will accelerate product innovation in a time where every second counts.

Everything we do is centered around your product. We spent a lifetime becoming craftsmen who could build the best software products. We have a passion to make our partners happy by doing the same. We partner with you to turn your ideas into software products and platforms and create ecosystems around them. We are driven by product thinking. Product is in our DNA, with decades of experience building software products and platforms for a global audience. We have helped companies build products and scaled teams from 0-100 in record times. Our mission is to be an authority in helping software businesses become digital leaders through continuous innovation of future-ready software products.

Create Breakthrough Innovations

We help you look beyond your current capacity as well as your physical borders. to overcome the challenges that are slowing down your innovation and increasing time-to-market. Our area of expertise is perfecting product engineering services through outsourcing, nearshoring, and offshoring. We serve ISVs and digital businesses with different ambitions in different industries. For one, we are a partner in product development, focused on co-creation. On the other hand, we are product development experts that offer a complete software factory. Our services aren't built on a fixed set of technologies, and neither is your product! Our Technology Innovation Center (TIC) accelerates innovation with emerging technologies, reducing the risks of pioneering new technology adoption and testing ideas. We deliver technology proof of concepts with working code by leveraging new technologies to solve existing problems or accelerate the development process. Learning new capabilities and finding opportunities for growth is the mainstay of TIC. We are well versed in AI, ML, GenAI, IoT, Cloud, Web technologies, Experience design, MACH Architectures, and Low Code Platforms.

Who We Serve

  • Our customers are great software developers and pioneers in their industry who know what they want; we help them get there
  • We help software businesses (ISVs) across their product lifecycle
  • We help digital businesses (born with software) with their platform journey
  • We help VC/PE firms and their portfolio companies across their investment lifecycle
  • We offer full-spectrum product engineering services on any technology platform
We want to know how big your dreams are, not the size.
Our Services Portfolio

Software Product Engineering Services

For the complete product lifecycle

Product Engineering

Co-create amazing software products at lightning speed with our full-lifecycle product engineering services.

  • New Product Ideation and Rapid prototyping
  • Product roadmap creation (MVP and Product 1.0)
  • Iterative Product Development
  • Independent Validation and Test Automation

Product Modernization

Transform legacy software into fully modern applications with our holistic modernization strategies.

  • Legacy assessment
  • Modernization roadmap and Strategy
  • Legacy migration
  • Cloud transformation
  • UI modernization
  • Architectural Modernization
  • Product re-engineering

Platform Engineering

Create value and business through the exchange of services between producers and consumers on your platform.

  • Product-to-platform transformation
  • Platform building
Accelerating Product Journeys

Where to Start

We want you to deliver a high-quality product quickly, for the engineering process to be smooth, and for the outcome to be magnificent! But how can you achieve this if you are having a hard time finding talent? If your attempt to outsource hasn’t generated the desired results? Or does your current product need modernizing first?

We can help assess your status quo and help you with a strategy, technology or architectural modernization, cloud transformation, and roadmap acceleration. Our product experts are keen to co-create, share their extensive insight into product innovation, and help you get closer to delivery.

Regardless of where you are on the journey, we are here to help!

Sustainable Success

From Project to Product

As a company, focusing on project-based outsourcing is no longer sustainable in this day and age. A product mindset is needed to get the work done quickly, but also to increase engagement and create or deliver the most business value. We see more and more companies seizing the opportunity to build dedicated offshore teams to ensure knowledge and engagement continuity. In this dynamic landscape, we want to be your partner of choice that provides you with the knowledge, skills, and services to help you build continuous releases of world-class products!

We understand the needs of our customers and offer a continuum of services to evolve into dedicated offshore development centers. The test-trust-partner approach of the COE model offers our customers an opportunity to try us before expanding into a long-term partnership. Our Center of Excellence (CoE) offers customers a ready-made environment to develop, test, accelerate, and grow new product initiatives. We enable software businesses to overcome technology, process, capacity, and capability constraints. Outcome (project) oriented approach of our CoE gradually evolves into an ODC, supporting you with continuous innovation in product releases.

Facilitating Growth

Expand and Excel

Capacity Extension

Mixed teams—your people and a few of ours—to accelerate your ability to execute via our plug-and-play scalability solutions. Working with a mixed team will provide you with new skills and help solve the bottlenecks in your software product development lifecycle.

Small and medium-sized software businesses seeking to scale up their product development teams


  • Swiftly recruit and onboard skilled software developers from a pre-screened pool.
  • Leverage the vast, diverse pool of talent available in India, skilled in a broad range of technologies.
  • Ramp up without worrying about infrastructure bottlenecks.
  • Scale as per your evolving needs.

Team Extension

Autonomous teams, consisting of only our product experts, work independently to convert concepts into products within the defined time, market, and budget. Your architects and/or business leaders will provide them with input to support and accelerate the process.

A full-fledged team that can function independently is required.


  • Sets up a customized team tailored to your needs (selected by you) that works for you exclusively.
  • Onboards and operationalizes the team with our unique accelerator, TOP Cloud.
  • It enables you to replicate your native process or adopt a development process better suited for your product and technology roadmaps.

Company Extension

A Global Innovation Center, an independent business unit with all Scrum roles, enables you to outsource a (part of the) process to a dedicated group of product professionals abroad.

Businesses are looking to diversify their development footprint across multiple geographies.


  • It consists of multiple teams with fully integrated processes and workflows to support co-creation at scale.
  • Is staffed by people with a broad range of skills, expertise, and capabilities to handle the complete range of innovation needs.
  • Offers all critical roles, functions, and mature governance to support your complete portfolio of products.
  • Provides flexibility to handle demand spikes.
  • No financial or operational risks, at a much lower cost.

Our Innovation Accelerators

Team Operations Platform (TOP) Cloud
Methodologies, best practices, and tooling to effectively onboard customers, set up and manage their delivery teams, assure a short time-to-market, and establish a long-term, continuously evolving engagement.

Technology Innovation Center (TIC)
Explore new technology with our experts. TIC accelerates innovation by familiarizing teams with emerging technologies and reducing technology adoption risks.

Center of Excellence (CoE)
Enabling companies to "try before they buy," our CoEs are known to support scalability, flexibility, and facilitate special projects for an extremely short time-to-market. The proof is in the pudding. Incubate your products and platforms with Goal-Directed Engagements that deliver desired business outcomes. Leverage the specialized practices of Mendix, Planon, and Verint/ Telligent Community to build low-code business applications, marketplace apps, and communities.

We are proud of and cherish our longstanding technology partnerships with cloud, data, and low-code experts, such as Mendix. Working with leading companies in these domains helps us offer the highest speed and the most complete services.

Why Xebia

  • Product DNA 
  • Market leader for the ISV offshore product development for over two decades
  • Trusted by 80+ software businesses- startups, scaleups, and industry leaders
  • We kickstarted over 15 startups by building their MVP and growing into market-leading platforms 
  • People: Named resources and dedicated teams
  • Transparency: Complete transparency into day-to-day functioning, with full visibility
  • Control: Customer in complete control over the team and processes
  • Engagement:  Mature, collaborative Partnership
  • Contract Management: Simple, transparent Contracts
  • Flexibility:  Completely flexible and scalable as per customer business and operational needs
  • We understand that quality and pricing are just as critical as speed.
  • We treat every customer as our only customer