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Security Design and Engineering

Design for failure – or perfection

Involving security in every activity of systems lifecycle can be a challenge.

Our security engineers will integrate security activities throughout the software development lifecycle and into the team’s way of working. Xebia Security helps you secure your technical environments and provide people the knowledge, experience, and tools to safely operate them.

Security Design and Engineering consists of three focus areas
  • Cloud security engineering
  • Container security engineering
  • CI/CD security enabling and hardening

Cloud Security Engineering

Cloud security engineering is about balancing costs, performance, agility, security, and resilience. By doing Cloud security ‘right’, you will enable your organization to move faster, securely. Cloud technology also gives opportunities and new challenges in facilitating compliance. Rugged automation can enable your organization to create a secure and compliant baseline, and continuously check for or even auto-remediate security and compliance issues.

Container Security Engineering

Containers and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes are essential building blocks in modern environments. Our engineers will ensure that the containers and platforms they run on are designed and configured to have security built in.

CI/CD security enabling and hardening

Modern environments require a high drive towards automation and changed the technical landscape while introducing a different set of threats. Tooling to automate building and deployment is extremely powerful and should be designed with security on top of mind. Our engineers will make sure to cover secrets management, artifact integrity, account privileges, separation and isolation, infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, and alerting and monitoring.