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Software Development

Accelerate Your Business With Great Software

Reduce your time to market with expert-level software development teams, coaching, and training

Gain a competitive advantage with state-of-the-art software solutions

Our goal is to create business value for our customers - and technology helps us do so. We are the multiplier that provides high-end development capabilities, with teams that create the right engineering culture that organizations need to stay ahead of the competition.

Our focus on quality ensures a predictable and sustainable pace of software delivery from start to finish.

We love open source

State of the art in technology

We believe technology is a means to an end. Our goal is to create business value for our customers, and technology helps us do so. When selecting the best tool for your business, we consider the problem that needs solving and current in-house skills. We have an excellent track record of working with a wide range of tools and enjoy sharing our knowledge with your teams.

We work with the JVM stack, JS, and a lot of other open source technology.


We love Kotlin. Therefore we have lots of activities around this technology. We host events, train and coach individuals, and help large organizations adopting of this language successfully.

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React has been around for quite some time and is widely popular by both businesses and engineers. We host knowledge sharing events and our experts transfer their knowledge by training/coaching frequently.


Golang, or Go, is one of the most loved technologies on the backend. Just like with Kotlin and React, we are hosting knowledge sharing sessions and conferences throughout the year to spread our love for it.


We love to share. Beyond relying heavily on open source, we are happy to contribute: e.g. to meet a customer need in a sustainable way, or to interact more deeply with the community.

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The people who drive your success with great software engineering

We are a group of highly ambitious craftsmen with a passion for open-source and impactful full-stack solutions. With the best-in-class, we accelerate your innovation and help your organization become a digital winner.

Customer story

Corporate One Partners with Xebia to Make Payment Modernization Possible for its Member Credit Unions

Second-tier credit union leverages Software Factory as a Service (SFaaS) to accelerate agile transformation and prepare credit unions for the future of banking

Customer story

Driving Organizational Change: A Sustainable Revolution Unleashed

Dutch driver of sustainability, homeQgo, teamed up with Xebia to modernize online platform that connects homeowners and solution partners.

Customer story

Boels Builds an Advanced Customer Portal for Enhanced User Experience

Boels, the rental equipment giant, transformed their customer portal and improved website performance metrics fivefold by embracing Entra ID for Customers (formerly Azure AD B2C) with Xebia's help. 

Customer story

Wigo4it Transformed Into a Full-Focus SAAS Company

Switched off data center and realized a 50% cost savings through DevOps and automation

Customer story

Elevating User Experience for Thriving Dutch Data Startup

Established DevOps and enhanced the software development lifecycle

Customer story

Making Maritime Marvels Available on a Global Scale

For the past eight years, Xebia has been part of Kongsberg’s journey to the cloud.

Customer story

Leading Dutch Oral Care Software Provider Bites Into Modernizing Services

Vertimart leverages Microsoft Azure to achieve its company mission: putting a smile on every patient’s face

Customer story

How iO upskills its workforce to retain talent

iO is an end-to-end full-service agency in communication and digital transformation. To attract and retain digital talent, iO wanted to upskill its junior software developers to provide them with personal growth and greater job satisfaction. With a custom learning program, iO's teams now grow and develop more quickly than before.

Customer story

Modernizing Core Banking Technology Infrastructure

Helping a leading provider of technology solutions geared toward the banking industry improve backend services and unclog slow downstreams.

Customer story

Cloud Platform Delivers Innovative Simulations for Kongsberg

Maritime simulator specialists brings its products to the cloud, maximizing remote engineering potential.

Customer story

65% Reduction in Deal Approval Process with Automation

Iconic film studio revamps its product lineup and automates business processes at scale for better user experience

Customer story

TFS Release Management Eases Isah’s Testing Time

Business software specialist for the manufacturing industry reduces the time required for testing, greatly improving its workflow

Customer story

Eneco Charges Forward with Innovative, Smart Cloud Architecture

Dutch energy group fosters innovation and sustainability through creation of eco-conscious applications and cloud migration

Customer story

European Payment Platform Proves Its Worth With Move to the Cloud

ICEPAY undergoes IT infrastructure renovation, replacing old servers and databases while moving to a scalable cloud platform

Customer story

BNG Bank Creates State-of-The-Art Platform for Interactive Services

Dutch bank optimizes application development and deployment process to serve customers faster, better and more efficiently while saving costs

Customer story

Quby Increases Scalability with Continuous Integration Platform

Dutch software developer reduces testing time and minimizes downtime by embracing a new way of working