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Building a Great Engineering Culture

The Multiplier Effect

How do you create an ecosystem that is attractive to IT talent and lets them excel at what they do?

Beat your competition with a great engineering culture

In our digital age, all organizations become IT companies, because IT has become a driving force for value. This has led to a much higher demand for good software engineers.

So what's the added value of a great engineering culture?

  • Increased effectiveness of development teams
  • Keep your engineers happy, retain your talent
  • Attract new talent by being a place where they can learn and grow
Improve your engineering culture

How We Can Help

There is no silver bullet in how you can easily upgrade your engineering culture. It takes expertise, knowledge, and a couple of frontrunners. That's where we can help.

The Engineering Mindset

It all comes back to learning and psychological safety for engineering teams to succeed. We bring best practices that influence your culture by spreading the engineering mindset.

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is one of our core values that helps us to stay ahead. Knowledge drives business value and innovation. Our experts will kickstart and embed this in your culture.

Agile Way of Working

Xebia was the first organization in The Netherlands to embrace the agile way of working. As a frontrunner in IT, we have successfully implemented this in many organizations.

The Multiplier Effect

Xebia's software engineers don't just bring a bag of technical expertise. We are the multiplier that creates a great engineering culture in your teams that lets them excel.

The people who drive your success with great software engineering

We are a group of highly ambitious craftsmen with a passion for open-source and impactful full-stack solutions. With the best-in-class, we accelerate your innovation and help your organization become a digital winner.