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Kotlin Consultancy & Training

How Kotlin can help your business

Kotlin is on the rise and for a good reason. It has the power to let your development teams be more productive and happy.

Let's dive into Kotlin and discover if it's a good fit for your organization.

Is Kotlin the new Java?

As an agnostic software consultancy firm, we have an objective view of whether Kotlin is the right fit for your organization. It can be a powerful tool with lots of benefits when used correctly. We have seen that businesses that use Java benefit greatly when they start adopting Kotlin.

It's no surprise as the Kotlin language is to a large extent driven by the many shortcomings of Java. The outcome is truly impressive: codebases written in Kotlin are significantly more robust and concise with considerably fewer lines compared to Java, measurably increasing maintainability, extensibility, and safety while at the same time fully embracing the Java ecosystem and existing libraries and frameworks.

In other words: Kotlin can truly make a difference that allows the business to evolve faster and with better quality software.

Moreover, the investment and risk taken to switch to Kotlin are extremely low: you can keep your existing Java frameworks (Spring Boot, JEE, etc.) and only invest in a new language to enjoy the mentioned benefits. Also, a gradual migration is possible since Java and Kotlin code can be mixed in the same project.

Download our Kotlin e-book for managers

Kotlin, can it really make a difference?

In this e-book, we'll take you through everything you need to know about Kotlin on when and how to adopt it efficiently.

You will learn:
  • The strengths of Kotlin
  • Why and when you should start using it
  • How it can make your development teams more productive and happy
  • How you can start adopting it efficiently


The power of progress

Kotlin vs. Java

Kotlin was created with a better Java in mind. For organizations that work with Java the step to adopting Kotlin is small and very rewarding.

Increased Productivity

With Kotlin, you need much less code to produce the same as with Java. Less code means less maintenance, fewer bugs, and less time spent on producing and reading code. In other words, Kotlin can increase productivity, improve maintainability and help developers focus on innovation!

Developer Happiness

Developers love to work with Kotlin. It’s one of the most loved languages, according to a recent StackOverflow survey. In this survey, Kotlin was the 4th most loved language of all and 12.6% said they wanted to learn Kotlin, which was 30% higher than Java (8.8%).

Low investment

Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java allowing for gradual migration from Java to Kotlin. You can keep working with all the tools, libraries, and frameworks while keeping the same infrastructure as is. Simply add Kotlin on top of the Java applications.

Learning Kotlin is easy

For Java developers, learning Kotlin is almost effortless and a great next step in their career. Kotlin and Java are both JVM languages and we can get your Java developers up to speed in Kotlin in a day or two.