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Services With a Custom Edge

Cloud-Native Infrastructures and Applications

Migrate existing workloads to the cloud or develop a cloud-native solution from scratch? Xebia has the specialist knowledge and engineering capabilities to guide you through the process of modernizing workloads and implementing solutions.

Smooth Implementation, Fast Acceleration

The benefits of cloud-native software development are more than an expedited workflow.

By using cloud-native technologies, most of the infrastructure work is offloaded to cloud services. With this cutting-edge technology, you can innovate at nearly the same pace as the hyperscalers. So you can focus on what matters for your business.

Focus on Features

Solutions That Make You Succeed in the Cloud

At Xebia, we know cloud-native infrastructure and application development. From the foundation to scalable enterprise applications, we design, develop and optimize.

Our solutions are secure by design and created for continuity. Before we begin, we'll help you assess your current situation and plan how to optimize your infrastructure and applications.

Through in-depth reviews, we'll help you optimize your performance, agility, security, and efficiency. Trust Xebia to provide the hands-on support you need to succeed in the cloud.

A Solid Well-Architected Cloud Platform

Cloud Landing Zone

Before starting with production workloads on any cloud, it’s highly recommended to have properly considered all the related design questions which are involved with the landing zone. A solid foundation is essential for long-term flexibility and efficiency. However, organizations adopting the cloud also prefer to start fast. 

To address the ‘start fast’ versus ‘well-architected’ dilemma, Xebia offers turn-key cloud landing zones that are very scalable, flexible, and efficient. All while being secure and compliant by design. 

Our default landing zone setup contains an extensive set of the most commonly implemented features and functionalities and consists of five distinct focus areas:


Create a multi-platform strategy & structure, defining the organization's strategy and structure, and configuring the regions.

Identity and Access Management

Set up federated identity management across the most used corporate identity providers and the set-up of different roles.


Ensure connectivity between all locations, from different cloud providers to on-premises, data transfer optimization, private DNS infrastructure, cross-account connectivity, and public DNS resolution to resources hosted in your cloud accounts.

Security and Compliance

Analyze cloud VPC traffic for targeted attacks, malicious insiders, and compromised endpoints and filter egress internet activity.


Implement break-the-glass procedures for the different levels of management within cloud environments: and create a true account vending machine, integrate with existing ITSM tooling and platform event alerting. 

Tried and Tested Methodologies

Modernization and Migration

For application workloads, the cloud offers a variety of services. In a replatform strategy, the core of your application stays the same, while it exploits some benefits of the cloud, for example, saving time and increasing business agility. Cloud-native software development means that you start a software project directly in the cloud, so you utilize the cloud services to their fullest extent.

Based on your specific situation, we determine the best strategy to bring your workloads to the cloud. While some workloads perform best on plain old virtual machines, others might benefit from containerization or serverless. Whether it is lift and shift, or a complete re-platforming, our consultants and engineers have years of experience in bringing workloads to the cloud by applying a tried and tested methodology.

Delivering Business Value

Cloud-Native Development

Cloud-native development is a modern approach to software development that fully leverages the benefits of cloud. Cloud-native services offer access to the latest innovations, allowing developers to focus on delivering business value. These scalable functions with a minimal operational load provide a toolbox of functions that allow you to rapidly roll out your ideas.

We follow cloud-native design principles for smoothly migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud and setting the pace for cloud-native engineering teams.

We lead by example, establishing multidisciplinary teams that work together to deliver real value and bring joy to all stakeholders.

Spotting Opportunities for Improvement

Architecture Reviews

As a business, it's important to ensure that your cloud infrastructure and applications are running efficiently and effectively. Over time, even the best-designed cloud environments can start to perform poorly due to the addition of new workloads or the use of outdated services. This is where a cloud architecture review can help.

A cloud architecture review is a comprehensive evaluation of your current and potential cloud environments to identify opportunities for improvement. It's designed to ensure that your cloud environments are optimized for minimum cost, maximum security, efficient performance, high reliability, and operational excellence.

At Xebia, we offer a range of cloud architecture review options to meet the needs of your business. This includes well-architected reviews, which are a thorough analysis of your entire cloud landscape based on six official best practices. We also offer reviews focused on specific elements, such as security and cost optimization.

Customer story

AIXBRO Speeds up Searches With AWS Serverless

The leading Swiss automotive parts distributor used a Proof of Concept to discover how the cloud could secure its future growth

Customer story

Top Human Resource Provider Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

Visma Raet gains transformational business benefits by migrating its workload to the cloud with no downtime

Customer story

Serverless Improves Automotive SaaS Solution at Fraction of Cost

In automating its serverless platform using the AWS Cloud to meet the automotive industry’s needs, metrologx gained widely applicable cost and performance benefits

Customer story

Serverless Architecture Increases Coople Innovation

Europe's largest digital staffing platform moved to Amazon Web Services cloud hosting, enhancing its market-leading web app development

Customer story

European Fintech Phenom Flexes its Financial Muscles through Digital Transformation and Expansion

BUX harnesses the power of data through the cloud ensuring seamless interaction; continues European expansion with record times

Customer story

Shell Recharge Spurs E-Mobility with Google Workspace

Shell Recharge Solutions was looking for a dedicated and reliable partner to help get the most out of Google Workspace

Customer story

Flemish Fire Brigade Zone uses Google Workspace to increase safety and flexibility

HVZ Fluvia finds new ways to collaborate in a secure web-based environment offering data control and increased agility and support

Customer story

European Payment Platform Proves Its Worth With Move to the Cloud

ICEPAY undergoes IT infrastructure renovation, replacing old servers and databases while moving to a scalable cloud platform

Customer story

UPS Utilizes Nightline & Azure Cloud for Premium Service

When leading global courier UPS acquired an Irish courier and logistics service operator, it required a full cloud migration and specialist app to optimize deliveries

Customer story

Risk-Averse Insurance Behemoth  Transforms into a Responsive, Nimble, and Innovative Organization

CV, one of the Netherlands’  largest non-profit health insurers, optimizes costs and improves customer service by migrating to Azure Cloud

Customer story

Lift & Shift Migration Makes IT More Cost-Effective for Software Provider

Advanced — a dynamic business software and services provider — migrated its Marketplace software to a bespoke cloud solution, resulting in a cheaper and more efficient IT infrastructure

Customer story

Dutch Foundation for Literature Optimizes Salesforce 2.0

Dutch non-profit cultivates a richer literary climate by streamlining its application process and more, with market-leading cloud CRM software

Customer story

Tentoo Rewrites Organization With Google Cloud Platform

Leading payroll service provider switches to a modern, fit-for-purpose customer platform to expand within the Belgian market

Customer story

Stichting Vluchteling Replaces iFunds with Salesforce for Fundraising

The fundraising tool iFunds was deemed outdated for Stichting Vluchteling. Hence, they started looking for a new solution to manage fundraising

Customer story

Data Security Key to Coople Cloud Integration

Europe’s largest online staffing agency conducted a full audit of its AWS cloud architecture to ensure users’ personal data remains fully secure

Customer story

1-Click Configuration and Cloud Infrastructure Setup Time Reduced by 83%

Leading US fintech firm implements cloud infrastructure and automation for better operations

Customer story

Cloud-Native Data Platform Maximizes Data Potential for Global Business

Multinational logistics services company optimizes business by embedding software engineering and DevOps principles in data science

Customer story

TJIP Targets Top Functionality— Migrates to New Cloud Platform

Smart platform developer accelerates functionality with tiered migration to Azure DevOps

Customer story

Cloud Platform Delivers Innovative Simulations for Kongsberg

Maritime simulator specialists brings its products to the cloud, maximizing remote engineering potential.

Customer story

Freshdesk as a Growth Catalyst for Appo

Appo’s focus on digitalization leads to increased customer and employee satisfaction, as well as significant company growth by leveraging Freshworks software

Customer story

Sentimo Streamlines  Customer Service with Freshdesk

Sentimo streamlined the back office to enhance customer service and to better forecast shifts in workload with Freshdesk

Customer story

CFYE Creates Jobs in the Middle East and Africa with Salesforce

Challenge Fund for Youth Employment has one big mission: creating employment for young people. To support this, they needed better Grant Management

Customer story

Van Lanschot Uses Digital Transformation To Build Resilient, Future-Proof Operations

The oldest independent bank in the Netherlands, Van Lanschot, gets a full digital makeover, complete a new infrastructure-bolstering cloud platform

Customer story

Building a First-Class Data Science and Data Engineering Practice

Discover how staffing agency Randstad unified its approach to data and analytics, in collaboration with Xebia

Customer story

Flemish Fire Brigade Zone Increases Safety and Flexibility With Google Workspace

Emergency fire brigade moves to secure cloud-first workplace, making collaboration between professional and volunteer firefighters more functional, all while retaining full control over the data in its domain

Customer story

Sustainable Energy Supplier Maintains Rapid Growth With Green IT

Early provider of sustainable energy in the Dutch market, Greenchoice professionalizes its IT department to deliver continuous value; builds a solid foundation for sustainable future growth

Customer story

Delivering Data’s Digital Marketing Potential

Building a Cloud-Native Data Platform for A Multinational Logistics Services Company

Customer story

LumApps Intranet Makes the Spark Fly for Antwerp Firefighters

To enhance communication throughout their scattered organization, Antwerp Fire Brigade realized a new intranet was needed to replace their outdated intranet

Customer story

COIN Migrates to Cloud to Deliver Value Faster

Dutch telecom association standardizes its software to achieve high performance; delivers value to customers faster

Customer story

Advanced Leverage DevOps Engineers, Accelerate Cloud Migration

Advanced, a leading management software supplier, migrated an acquisition to an in-house AWS infrastructure for greater efficiency, simultaneously upskilling its team

Customer story

Emergency Service Embraces Cloud

Antwerp Fire Brigade moves to Google Workspace for more efficient emergency management to better serve citizens in need

Customer story

Dutch Foundation Shines A Light on Recovery with New Platform

Vrienden van de Hoop, a foundation for addiction and mental health in the Netherlands, successfully upgrades its fundraising software and CRM to reach, and so help, more people.

Customer story

DSM Launches “Green” Calculator for Farming Industry

Global science-based company use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a highly scalable tool to radically reduce environmental impact of animal farming

Customer story

EnergyAlert Optimizes Efficiency Using IoT Technology

Dutch Energy monitoring company expands its capabilities with state-of-the-art IoT services and techniques

Customer story

TWB Automates Data to Spend More Time on Care

TWB needed a way to deal with data more efficiently in order to keep spending most of their resources and time on care 

Customer story

Randstad Embraces Interconnected Google Workspace

Dutch international recruitment company  streamlines its core processes with Google Workspace tools, empowering HR decision making

Customer story

B2B Tool Provider, Advanced, Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

British business software provider streamlines IT by migrating infrastructure to the Cloud; gives its customers a competitive edge

Customer story

Fitness Franchise Gets Fit With Google Cloud

Fit20, a global franchise network of fitness studios, optimized its communication and innovation by leveraging Google Workspace to scale up.

Customer story

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds Overhauls CRM Platform

Foundation providing families with sick children temporary hospital housing consolidates its IT infrastructure for faster data management and better outreach.

Customer story

Retail Giant Accelerates Its Time to Market for Product Release

Retailer builds an easy-to-use and flexible web-based application for improved collaboration and quicker new product launch

Customer story

BNG Bank Creates State-of-The-Art Platform for Interactive Services

Dutch bank optimizes application development and deployment process to serve customers faster, better and more efficiently while saving costs

Customer story

Quby Implements Highly-Automated Infrastructure to Deploy Smart Apps at Scale

Dutch software developer modernizes data center set up and rolls out a European expansion program

Customer story

Past Salesforce Implementation Future-Proofs Dutch Nonprofit for Celebrity Fundraiser

Het Vergeten Kind ("The Forgotten Child") technically primed for major donation surge — thanks to early digital transformation

Customer story

Topicus Education Aces Testing by Deploying on Google Cloud

With a firm deadline to deploy two popular educational applications, CumLaude and SEL, the infrastructure team at Topicus Education needed a faster system for testing and validating. Xebia implemented Google Cloud infrastructure and shared best practices that resulted in a reduction of testing time by six weeks.

Customer story

Speed, flexibility, and the beauty of simplicity

How NS International embraced Modern Cloud technology

Customer story

Dutch Police Maintain Better Order by Switching to Google Platform

The National Police emergency service in the Netherlands migrated its sixty-five thousand employees’ workstations to Chromebooks resulting in more flexible, efficient, modern and secure operations across the entire organization

Customer story

TFS Release Management Eases Isah’s Testing Time

Business software specialist for the manufacturing industry reduces the time required for testing, greatly improving its workflow

Customer story

Leprazending Aims for Cure With Salesforce Implementation

Nonprofit with goal of ending leprosy receives a comprehensive CRM overhaul to help meet its objectives.

Customer story

Global Online Travel Platform Gets Schooled on Google Cloud

Travix earns its GCP “wings” to maximize the potential of the scalable interface

Customer story

Chromebooks Enhance Quality of Healthcare Provided by Aafje

Healthcare provider Aafje realized that staying a top employer requires innovation. Therefore, Aafje has decided to start deploying Google Cloud technology

Customer story

Parkos Disrupts Parking Market with Google Cloud Platform

Due to the accelerated growth of the parking platform, Parkos' IT needed to become more scalable for an optimal customer experience

Customer story

C-Facts Realizes Innovative Control Center for Sustainable Cloud Services

Cloud-native provider of insights into digital cloud footprints undergoes a Well-Architected Review of its AWS platform to ensure scalability; implements solutions that result in less downtime and improved time-to-market — and more satisfied customers overall

Customer story

Justice Department Achieves Faster Roll-outs and Fewer Errors

The Judicial Information Services Department of the Netherlands implemented new technologies to minimize exposure risks, without disrupting its services

Customer story

Better Data and Communication for Plukon Food Group

Plukon Food Group needed to modernize their IT infrastructure for better email and more efficiency. After considering various options, Plukon opted for Google

Customer story

AWS Cloud & Machine Learning Help RASP Focus On Quality Content

Innovative Polish publishing house optimizes its publications for commercial partners with image recognition tool that streamlines editorial process

Customer story

Hospitality Industry Goes Cloud-First With Foodback

Norwegian startup helps businesses manage feedback in real-time cloud-based hospitality app hosted on AWS

Customer story

New Support Platform Proves Big Hit For Prato Clients

Innovative HR company switches its customer service platform to Freshdesk, to mass stakeholder approval.

Customer story

Photographer’s Foundation Gets Picture-Worthy Upgrade and Digital Transformation

A charitable organization with focus on indigenous cultures, The Jimmy Nelson Foundation gets digital uplift improving international coordination.

Customer story

National Fund for Peace Streamlines Grants With Salesforce

The vfonds foundation transforms its grant application process and nearly eliminates individual administration by implementing software that covers 80-90% of all incoming requests

Customer story

Sparco Saves Time and Cost with New Cloud Platform Initiative

Dutch marketing maverick works its magic with a new cloud platform and enhanced infrastructure

Customer story

Leading Fintech App Optimizes AWS to Give Premium Service

Bizcuit overcomes cloud overwhelm to better serve  customers while keeping the highest compliance standards.

Customer story

Bruynzeel Stores Go Digital With Chromeboxes

Kitchen design house revamps stores to focus on customer experience and increases sales

Customer story

Health Insurer DSW Implements Google Workspace as First Step in the Cloud

DSW was looking for a way to simplify collaboration, while still complying with all the European and Dutch laws. Xebia guided their move to Google Workspace

Customer story

Dutch Port Community System Improves Continuous Innovation through Cloud Initiative

Portbase migrates to the cloud, reducing costs, eliminating downtime and increasing functionality, using DevOps mindset

Customer story

Mosadex Uses Remote Work and DevOps to Bridge Gap Between Teams

Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler streamlines workflow between internal units and external suppliers to improve product management.

Customer story

Cloud migration and application migration: a structured process towards a solid and reliable application environment.

Dutch health provider ZuidZorg successfully migrates old systems to the cloud in under three months

Customer story

COIN Modernizes Software Delivery Infrastructure

Dutch telecom association develops new streamlined services to deliver continuous business value

Customer story

Leading Online Travel Provider Embraces Google Workspace

Global online travel company Travix saves time and expands its capacity by migrating IT to the cloud

Customer story

Google Cloud Platform Keeps Omio Travelers Up-To-Date

The online journey planner streamlined user experience, creating a single backend that enabled updates to be instantly shared

Customer story

Dutch Financial Pension Provider Unlocks Hybrid Cloud Landscape for Future Security

Embracing Agile, MN Pensioen migrates to a hybrid cloud environment while upgrading security features and gaining efficiency

Customer story

Altrecht Quickly Adapts to Treating Patients from Home Using Chromebooks

Mental health care provider enabled to treat patients remotely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting Chromebooks

Customer story

Real Estate IT Service Provider Goes to Market with Intelligent Cloud-based Platform

Cegeka DSA bolsters IT Infrastructure, using Agile and SCRUM to increase workflow and market share

Customer story

Fintech Company BUX Handles Data More Efficiently with Google Cloud

The existing data warehouse was becoming obsolete, and BUX was looking for the best way to structure their data in line with their cloud-first strategy

Customer story

Hersenstichting Automates Target Spending System with Salesforce

Hersenstichting ("Brains Foundation") was looking for a way to save time and standardize processes. Salesforce was the best solution to achieve that

Customer story

Digital Print Leader Transforms Hosting to Enhance Growth

Switching to Google Cloud Platform allows smartphoto room to grow while remaining cost-effective and secure.

Customer story

Luxury IT Company Creates Cloud-Centered Infrastructure to Serve High-end Automotive Retailers

PON IT delivers scalable, security-minded, Agile products and IT services through successful cloud migration

Customer story

Saxo Bank Optimizes Services with Azure DevOps

Xebia guides the migration of BinckBank (part of Saxo Bank), to an Azure DevOps-based cloud solution without disrupting client services or the engineering team’s workflow.

Customer story

International Women’s Fund Receives Cloud-Savvy Software Upgrade

Market-leading Salesforce software helps Mama Cash to better serve its activist user base.

Customer story

Complex Cloud Migration Within Limited Time

Striving for a flexible cost structure by moving from on-prem to the Cloud

Customer story

Food Tech Curbs Spoils by up to 70% with Automated Machine Learning Devices

Orbisk reduces food waste with a mere scan; using automated machine learning achieves success with global expansion plans ahead

Customer story

The Largest Digital Marketplace For Floriculture.

World’s largest flower auction company increases purchasing and sales capacities for its member growers and international buyers in the global floral trade

Customer story

Bank Breaks with Tradition: Offers Cutting-Edge Digital Products and Services

Knab optimizes performance and efficiency while cutting costs with instant feedback loops and innovation protocols

Customer story

Leading FinTech Brand Retains Market Lead With Cloud Solution

The world-leading FinTech company migrated to AWS Cloud, modernizing its platform to ensure it maintains its strong market position

Customer story

Rail Ticket Agent Gets A Pass with Cutting-Edge Upgrade to Its App

Eurail increases delivery times with upgraded services and app built on AWS cloud architecture

Customer story

UK-Based Retail Giant Upgrades to a High-Performance Delivery Tracking System

Retailer builds a resilient, scalable tracking system with disaster recovery capabilities by migrating from AWS to Azure

Customer story

Study Association Aureus Improves Results with Salesforce

Study Association Aureus realized they lacked the right systems to manage relations properly, and communication was a challenge

Customer story

DPG Media Profits from Move to Google Workspace

Leading digital media group streamlines its internal collaboration power through Google Workspace — unifying people while saving time and money

Customer story

Cloud Platform Move Enhances Insurance App’s USP

A migration to AWS Cloud enhanced an SaaS app developer's unique services by improving product response times and features

Customer story

Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation  Unifies Processes with Salesforce

Every Ronald McDonald 'House' used its own software, from post-its to spreadsheets. The foundation realized it was time to streamline these processes

Customer story

Corporate Document Platform Upgrades with Freshdesk Integration

Information specialist xential creates highly professional experience for clients with move to a centralized platform and portal

Customer story

Dutch Energy Provider Lights Up Competition with Daring New IoT Platform

Kenter utilizes creative IoT platform as an innovative, affordable measure of energy use, giving customers more savings options

Customer story

YourSurprise Successfully Migrates from On-Prem Software to Google Cloud Platform

Fast-growing gift shop gains stability and a modern, cloud-native mindset by migrating its software infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform

Customer story

Mobile Operator Offers Agents a Carefree Cloud-First Workplace

Mobile Vikings chooses to work with Google Workspace and ChromeOS to get their work done, and have recently equipped their customer care team with ChromeOS devices

Customer story

Homerr: Fast Response Time, Satisfied Customers

Integrating customer service channels onto a single platform gives innovative parcel delivery network a premium service level.

Customer story

A Global Trade Platform for Floriculture, Driven by Smart Data Applications

Royal FloraHolland partnered with Xebia to transform the traditional flower and plants auction into a digital auction, Floriday

Customer story

Eneco Charges Forward with Innovative, Smart Cloud Architecture

Dutch energy group fosters innovation and sustainability through creation of eco-conscious applications and cloud migration

Customer story

Simplifying Financial Flows with Cloud-Native App Offers Complete Solution for Businesses

ProActive moves its IT infrastructure to the cloud as it aims to simplify business finances with entirely cloud-based app Spend Cloud

Customer story

Professionalizing BI Processes to Improve the Customer Experience

Learn how entertainment business Pathé professionalized its BI processes, and became better at improving customer experience and predicting customer numbers

Customer story

iBOOD Snags a Great Deal with Google’s Cloud Platform

Europe’s Largest Online Shopping Community expands earning potential and improves customer service through revamping infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform

Customer story

Wehkamp New Architecture Automates DevOps Operations

Automating Continuous Integration and Delivery on AWS for Top E-Commerce Biz in the Netherlands