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Hands-on Consulting

Build data and AI driven solutions

We build data and AI driven solutions for organisations. Preferably in product teams that are a mix of internal and external people. We assist in the whole journey: from idea to concept, and from prototype all the way to a production-grade solution. Moreover, we can be your partner to help your organisation to develop and run solutions yourselves.

Develop and Run AI Applications

We embrace DevOps as the way to go build, and with robustness and security in mind from the start, instead of an afterthought. Standard practices include: performance and cost monitoring, centralized logging, continuous integration, feedback and delivery.

With years of experience in building AI applications we've tackled many applications of machine learning and AI: from recommenders to pricing optimization and from demand forecasting to predictive maintenance.

Custom foundations for your data & AI driven solutions

If our turn-key solutions are not a good fit in you organisation, we can build a custom data platform. On top of this platform you develop data & AI driven solutions, or let your  data analysts gain better business insights and more powerful visualisations. Moreover, it can be the starting point for your specialized, cloud-based data warehouse or even your organisation’s data mesh.

To support your data governance implementation with specialized tooling on top of your data platform in a way that integrates easily and does not put any unnecessary constraints and requirements on your development teams.

Our experienced data engineers are certified on all three major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Trusted by leading enterprises

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Customer story

Reservation Systems Upgrade Keeps Volotea Passengers Flying

Europe’s leading low-cost airline implemented a GDS update to ensure its booking engine continued to be highly available to passengers

Customer story

Pioneering Grocery Chain Improves Prediction Accuracy by 5%

Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket chain in the Benelux region, streamlines operations with an updated demand forecasting system based on machine learning.

Customer story

Personal Recommendations Based on Viewed Content

NPO wanted to become a personal broadcasting organization, but lacked in-house data engineers and scientists to execute the required tasks

Customer story

Kynetec Improves Automation, Cuts Processing Times by a Quarter

The leading agricultural research organization moved to serverless architecture, allowing data analysts more time to improve the company product

Customer story

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Transforms Finance Department into Information Master for Business

Oldest operating airline in the world gains more efficient expense forecasting, digital accounting, and operational problem-solving

Customer story

Leveraging a Cloud Platform to Make It Effortless to Buy and Sell Homes

How Xebia helped online real estate platform Funda build a modern, self-service cloud data platform, allowing them to personalize and innovate the customer journey

Customer story

Quby Uses Data-Driven Apps to Reduce Energy Waste

Dutch software developer transforms into a data-driven organization thanks to new energy platform

Customer story

Energy Company Empowers Customer Sustainability With Data Product

In response to the energy crisis and its impact, Vattenfall launches app-based data product that provides personalized insights into 500,000 customers' energy consumption per month.

Customer story

Predicting Demand for Fresh Bread in Supermarkets

Bakker Goedhart implemented a prediction model taking into account all variables that influence demand, leading to higher margins

Customer story

A Personal Experience for Over Two Million Daily Visitors

Increase relevance of Marktplaats homepage by offering personalization for two million unique daily visitors, with over eleven million advertised items

Customer story

Used-Car Webshop — 100% Online — Powers Up Its Digital Platform

Bynco (Buy Your Next Car Online) implements Power BI to extract information and gain clearer insight for faster, data-driven decision-making.

Customer story

Learning Journeys for University Lecturers

Amsterdam University of Applied Science needed to scale the number of qualified teachers from 3 to 35 within one year

Customer story

Data-Driven Trading Enables Van Caem Klerks Group To Act Faster and Buy and Sell Quicker

Van Caem Klerks needed to update business processes to become a data-driven company. Through high-level data strategy & execution, they managed to gain speed, productivity, sales, and the ability to make better data-driven decisions.

Customer story

Financial Data Analytics and Process Mining

KLM partnered with Xebia to transform the finance department into the master of information for KLM’s business departments

Customer story

The Largest Digital Marketplace For Floriculture.

World’s largest flower auction company increases purchasing and sales capacities for its member growers and international buyers in the global floral trade

Customer story

Nico.lab Brings Life-Saving Tech to Acute Stroke Care

Dutch health tech company uses innovative cloud infrastructure to deliver time-critical AI analyses to hospitals faster

Customer story

Randstad Building a First-Class Data Science and Data Engineering Organization

Leading staffing company professionalizes its data science and engineering department by improving processes and building internal capabilities

Customer story

Implementing a Data Lake in the Cloud

Vattenfall needed to structure and unlock available data to improve customer insights and experience

Customer story

Leading E-commerce Platform Scores Big with Data-Driven Training Initiatives achieves market gains with a customized AI and data-focused training curriculum offering its employees a technical edge

Customer story

Better Customer Relations by Using Machine Learning Algorithms

How a leading Dutch e-tailer modernized its e-commerce platform, implemented recommenders, and improved search functionality, in collaboration with Xebia

Customer story

On-Site Review of Data Science And Engineering Capabilities

How an AI Maturity Scan of Eneco's organization resulted in a clear baseline with advised next steps

Customer story

A New Data Platform to Improve Customer Service

Xebia enabled Clay Solutions - a SALTO Group Company - to consolidate data and make it readily available for all stakeholders

Customer story

Supporting as a Frontrunner in Data & AI

How Xebia partnered with to enhance in-house data engineering and data science capabilities and remain a frontrunner in data and AI

Customer story

Transforming Company Culture Allows Transavia Airlines to ‘Take-off’

Low-cost Dutch airlines optimize internal operations to improve customer experience

Customer story

AI platform Quantamix Solutions Primed for Growth After Solving Host Architecture Issues

After a Dutch start-up exceeds expectations, a new, Agile host architecture provides it with room to grow to keep up with demand

Customer story

Marktplaats Provides Personal Experience for Over Two Million Daily Visitors

The Netherlands’ favorite online marketplace increases user time on platform by 3.5% with machine learning

Customer story

What's the "Secret Ingredient" Making Paula's Choice Customers Glow? Data!

Leading direct-to-consumer skincare brand implemented a data strategy with modern architecture, data platform and predictive algorithms to personalize and add radiance to its offers.

Customer story

Workshops and Developing Use Cases

How KLM implemented a data-driven way of working within the organization, plus a global shared service center for data

Customer story

Yell Secures Future With Online Reputation Management

The UK’s leading online directory developed an all-in-one social monitoring tool, enhancing its position as an essential business service

Customer story

Food Tech Curbs Spoils by up to 70% with Automated Machine Learning Devices

Orbisk reduces food waste with a mere scan; using automated machine learning achieves success with global expansion plans ahead

Customer story

Using Power BI to Empower Data-Driven Decision Making

How Xebia collaborated with ABN AMRO to empower the business to make data-driven decisions faster and with more autonomy