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Data and AI training courses

In-company training for data professionals

How do you ensure that your teams and executives develop the right competences to excel in your data-driven transformation?

Empower your team with skills to harness data and drive business performance

No matter if you are a data professional looking for a public class to join, or seeking a training for your team to mature their data and AI skill level: Xebia provides the experience, flexibility, and curriculum.


We’ve developed Learning Journeys for Executives, Analytics Translation, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

Our training methodology and classroom experience has been tested, used, and perfected through many years of experience.  By now, leading organizations like ING, Ahold, Rolls-Royce and Uber have used our learning journeys to train and upskill their teams.

Train teams and executives to excel in the data-driven transformation

Businesses on their way to become truly data-driven need to impact their entire organization within this transformation. Therefore we provide programs for each scenario, from individual teams to global workforces to the board room.

From the assessment to the classroom, from coaching to online resources, we have developed a framework that can be adapted and deployed across your organization. We design the journeys in close collaboration with you, beginning with the end in mind: where do you want your organization to be? To ensure applicability, we work closely with the business: we chart the needs and define measurable success criteria.

Learn Today, Apply Tomorrow

We've been there for a while, with more than 10,000 hours of (online) classroom training our practical Data & AI curriculum has been created with one philosophy in mind: “Learn Today, Apply Tomorrow”. Just like the ever-changing Data & AI landscape, our curriculum is being improved each iteration. 

Data and AI training courses

Learning journeys for:

Data Analysts

Learn how to explore data sources and databases and find actionable insights. Create graphs, dashboards, and reports to check if KPIs are on track. Automate simple data workflows and overcome all of the manual work involved in maintaining up-to-date Excel sheets.

  • Power BI in a Day
  • Microsoft Power BI – DA-100 Training
  • Advanced Power BI – DAX & Data Modeling Training

Data Scientists

We’ve experienced first hand what works and what doesn’t through our consulting business, and we pass that knowledge on to you through our education business. You learn all the ins and outs of the data science models most seen in the field, in a fast-paced classroom training that ups your game.

  • Junior Data Scientist
  • Medior Data Scientist
  • Senior Data Scientist

Data Engineers

Learn how to take data and AI concepts from concept to prototype and to production-ready application. Acquire the skills to develop and run Data and AI solutions at an enterprise-scale with ease! Take part in a specific training or advance through the entire journey. We teach how to build secure data platforms and reliable AI applications that are engineered for scale, how to take data and AI concepts from concept to prototype and to production-ready application. Acquire the skills to develop and run Data and AI solutions at an enterprise-scale with ease!

  • Junior Data Engineer
  • Medior Data Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
Customer story

UAE Airline Improves Its Operational Efficiency by Automating Its Flight Prioritization System

An end-to-end an automated data-driven decision system saves costs and elevates customer experience

Customer story

Quby Uses Data-Driven Apps to Reduce Energy Waste

Dutch software developer transforms into a data-driven organization thanks to new energy platform

Customer story

Marktplaats Provides Personal Experience for Over Two Million Daily Visitors

The Netherlands’ favorite online marketplace increases user time on platform by 3.5% with machine learning

Customer story

Food Tech Curbs Spoils By Up to 70% with Automated Machine Learning Devices

Orbisk reduces food waste with a mere scan; using automated machine learning achieves success with global expansion plans ahead

Customer story

AI platform Quantamix Solutions Primed for Growth After Solving Host Architecture Issues

After a Dutch start-up exceeds expectations, a new, Agile host architecture provides it with room to grow to keep up with demand

Customer story

Nico.lab Brings Life-Saving Tech to Acute Stroke Care

Dutch health tech company uses innovative cloud infrastructure to deliver time-critical AI analyses to hospitals faster

Customer story

Sustainability and reliability: How to achieve a higher level of data quality with SRE

50% savings on energy and maintenance costs while working with a scalable and reliable data platform

Customer story

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Transforms Finance Department into Information Master for Business

Oldest operating airline in the world gains more efficient expense forecasting, digital accounting, and operational problem-solving

Customer story

Randstad Building a First-Class Data Science and Data Engineering Organization

Leading staffing company professionalizes its data science and engineering department by improving processes and building internal capabilities

Customer story

Transforming Company Culture Allows Transavia Airlines to ‘Take-off’

Low-cost Dutch airlines optimize internal operations to improve customer experience

Customer story

Dutch E-Commerce Leader Transforms IT Infrastructure for Faster Market Delivery

Wehkamp increases its market delivery with a faster microservices platform, allowing for more team collaboration and an Agile work environment

Customer story

The Largest Digital Marketplace For Floriculture.

World’s largest flower auction company increases purchasing and sales capacities for its member growers and international buyers in the global floral trade

Customer story

Leading E-commerce Platform Scores Big with Data-Driven Training Initiatives achieves market gains with a customized AI and data-focused training curriculum offering its employees a technical edge