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Why IT architecture deserves attention

Agile Architecture

Let the design of your information technology be an enabler for innovation and growth.

Turn business challenges into real changes

Does your organization face challenges to translate business strategy into real changes? Do you feel information technology is slowing you down instead of helping you to enter new markets and grow existing ones? Do simple business needs lead to multi-year projects before delivering results? Chances are that your Enterprise architecture is causing these problems.

Creating a solid yet Agile IT architecture requires a deliberate effort. In a modern, agile organization this cannot be achieved by doing IT architecture the traditional way, whether it is on an Enterprise level or for Solution Architecture.

An agile organization requires Agile Architecture which is outcome-based, operates at multiple levels, reaches out and collaborates across the whole organization, showing an open mind, lean thinking, and leadership.

I asked Xebia to assist in defining a pragmatic IT architecture avoiding too much complexity. We have now introduced a new Cloud platform and develop our APIs. All within a period of 2 years, how cool is that.
Toine Siemerink IT Manager

Agile Architecture Service Portfolio


Assessing existing and planned IT architectures and IT architecture capabilities. Assessing innovative technologies for business applications.


Teaching IT architects, tech leads, software developers, and managers Agile Architecture concepts and methods and how to apply them.


Taking your IT architecture problem and using Agile Architecture concepts and methods in interactive, hands-on workshops. These workshops will deliver concrete results to kick-start your Agile Architecture transformation.


The design and realization of Agile Architectures, for example for APIs, application integration, and data management.


Setting up and improving Agile Architecture practices, embedding Agile Architecture into your organization.