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Make Security a Guiding Principle in your Organization

Improving your skills and changing your mindset

Getting Security just right, nothing more and no less

Every part of a business needs to be secured. As innovation skyrockets, we depend on technology more, process more data, and encounter more threats - security is more important than ever.

While it seems obvious to protect personal information, security is much more than that. New technology introduces new risks and we must be prepared. What about the unauthorized use of your cloud infrastructure to mine bitcoin? Or hackers exploiting your app to read users' smartphones? Or, your competitor shutting down your system?

How to simplify security

Raising Awareness

Our proactive approach sets Xebia Security apart from others. To be secure by design, awareness is essential. Workshops that make threats more explicit, like Threat Modeling help a lot. So do risk mapping and a maturity assessment, which many companies have never even done.

Creating the Right Culture

Going by what engineers or product developers think, security sucks because it slows down and disrupts processes. It’s up to us to make it part of the culture, fun, and facilitate it. Policies are often based on what not to do, and not on how to do it properly. We prefer practical guidelines on which tools you can use safely and where you can find them. Providing this guidance is what we do best.

Sharing Knowledge

Getting security right takes time, and those concerned with security are often too busy bringing new products or services to market as quickly as possible. To boost your knowledge and give you the skills to make security part of your job, we offer Security training. Together with Xebia Academy, we offer courses, like CISSP, CISM, CISA, Pen-testing, Threat Modeling, and DevOps for CISO.

Security is more than just protecting data

Security is more than just protecting data. It's making sure you can keep doing what's at the core of your business at all times. If security is part of your business processes, products will be secure by design. This is not only cheaper than having to arrange security after the fact, it also ensures a shorter time-to-market.
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