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Your trusted partner in shaping the digital future of insurance

Lead the Change in Insurance. With Our Digital Savvy, Data Mastery, and Ultra-Fast Low-Code Solutions, You Redefine the Future

Lead insurance innovation with a future-proof IT strategy, the speed of Low-Code, and advanced data solutions

Is your company focused on direct-to-consumer distribution and striving to be even more customer-centric? Do you aim to enhance underwriting accuracy? Given the constant regulatory changes, there's a perpetual need for adapting procedures and IT systems, isn't there?

We recognize the ever-evolving nature of the insurance industry. That's why we've tailored our offerings to help insurers, MGAs, and brokers stay ahead of the curve. How? Through:

  • Digital Consulting (future-proofing against growing customer needs)
  • Data & AI Engineering (creating data-driven solutions)
  • Upskilling (providing business & IT workforce with necessary skills)
  • Low-Code Solutions (implementing & integrating customizable solutions 10x faster)

Customer Stories

From 0 to boom! in 6 Months

Through its fruitful collaboration with Xebia, Abacai has created a dynamic, multi-channel platform that caters to the evolving needs of customers in the digital age.

By harnessing the power of AI, data-driven decision-making, and seamless integration with third-party systems, Abacai has emerged as a trailblazer in the insurance industry. 

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ING: Alliance with Xebia Results in 57,000 Employees Skilled in Data

Xebia teamed up with ING to train over 5,000 employees, who were assessed, trained, and certified as Analytics Sponsors, Business Translators, or Data Scientists through face-to-face courses, contributing to a grand total of 52,000 employees trained across the organization.

Insurance company

RSA: Simplified, Unified, and Reusable B2B Platform for Brokers, Built in Just a Few Months

A new B2B platform equips RSA UAE brokers with an unified dashboard for streamlined policy issuance, servicing, and renewals, boosting efficiency and customer interaction, implemented swiftly in months.


Insify: Innovative Scale-Up Leverages Data to Insure Small Entrepreneurs

Xebia collaborated closely with Insify’s tech team to develop and implement the core components of a modern data platform tailored to the company's unique needs. 

Some of our clients

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We understand the challenges insurers face

Real-time personalised embedded insurance coverage is the future of the sector. To respond to this shift in the insurance market landscape, more must be done to humanise the customer experience, meet changing expectations, and address emerging security risks. Leveraging leading-edge technology, your firm can rise to the occasion.


  • optimising customer engagement,
  • establishing a common data platform for risk data points,
  • or deploying APIs to provide embedded coverage,

Xebia offers bespoke, knowledgeable, expert-driven solutions that are created collaboratively between our team and yours.


What we offer

A three-pronged approach to digital transformation

Digital consulting

Breaking down barriers to digital transformation is what Xebia does best, helping insurers establish a technological framework to make insurance future-proof against growing customer needs and demands. We offer:

Data & AI engineering

Xebia helps insurers embrace data-based solutions. Using technological tools such as APIs and machine learning models, your firm will be better able to optimise operational efficiency and improve response to evolving risks. We offer:


Transformation through upskilling

Through the Xebia Academy we provide upskilling to your workforce on sustainable, future-fit technological and business processes.

Challenging Traditional Insurance? Partner with Our Experts!

While we've honed our expertise with established insurers, we also provide robust solutions for InsurTechs. Whether you're a challenger insurer or creating digital tools for the industry, our team stands ready to drive your innovation forward.

Fast-track innovation in insurance using Low-Code

With low-code technology, we deliver solutions 10-20x faster than traditional approaches.

  • Automate and enhance underwriting, claim processing, customer service, and more in collaboration with us.
  • Forget the costly modernization of your systems — we integrate them with the latest solutions seamlessly.

From Proof of Concept to a fully tailored product, we transform your operations within weeks to months, ensuring your enterprise stays ahead of the curve. 

Our low-code partners

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The 2024 State of GenAI in Insurance

Discover the Future of Insurance with Xebia and the Camelot Network's Exclusive Report!

Role of big data in the insurance industry

Big data, characterized by its vast volume, velocity, and variety, has emerged as a game-changer, reshaping how insurers understand risk, personalize policies, and enhance CX.


The Power of Low-Code in Insurance — Unlocking Digital Evolution

Uncover how Low-Code transforms insurance, including Aviva France's claim handling & CNA's underwriting efficiency.


From Blockchain Dreams to Lloyds License

In this week’s Tech Leaders’ Intel, we meet with Ben Davis, Head of Web3 at Superscript, the first UK Insuretech broker licensed by Lloyds that launched its crypto product to the world.

Why Xebia?

Discover how we can provide scalable solutions for your Insurtech growth-related hurdles.

Over a million trained

Over the past two decades, we have upskilled business professionals in numerous industries the world over, in fields such as Agile, Product Ownership, DevOps, Data, and Leadership.

The breadth of our knowledge

Xebians are forward-looking deep thinkers, authoring books and creating Agile processes like Less and Scrum, and making original contributions to the advancement of technology adoption.

We're a partner, not just a vendor

Insurers face a number of unique challenges. Xebia collaborates with clients on bespoke offers; from consulting to solution-building to upskilling, consider us a partner in your growth.

In tune with insurance

Navigating the challenges in the insurance industry, we understand the complexities associated with digitization, legacy systems, risk management, and evolving customer expectations. Our commitment is to guide you through these intricacies, offering innovative solutions.

"boom was set up on a new platform in around six months,
so in the UK market, that’s unheard of"

Justin Pascoe Head of Development, Abacai (boom)