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Xebia Solutions

CDP Cloud Data Platform

A turn-key platform that supports any data application by combining proven, cutting edge cloud-native services with best-of-breed components.

Overcome Data Challenges With Ease

The Cloud Data Platform is a turn-key solution built using proven, cutting edge components that support any data application, from near real-time dashboarding to running complex AI products.

The Cloud Data Platform has been designed and developed based on decades of experience with the implementation of scalable infrastructure for the enterprise. A cloud data platform offers fast implementation and seamless integration, without compromising the ability to overcome any real-world data challenge.

Techologies used

The Cloud Data Platform makes use cloud-native services where possible and best-of-breed components where necessary. 

Installation process

The platform is deployed using pre-configured modules based on infrastructure as code, allowing users to run and maintain the platform independently.


The Modern Data Platform runs natively on:

Benefits of a Cloud Data Platform

The Xebia Data platform delivers value to the business in a short amount of time.


The Cloud Data Platform has been built around years of experience in creating value for clients.

Short Time to Market

Instead of building a custom infrastructure, the Cloud Data Platform can be provisioned in a matter of weeks not months.

Business Value

The focus is on delivering real business value by providing a foundation for running data solutions.

Low Cost of Ownership

The Cloud Data Platform is designed for stability and performance, empowering organizations to develop their own unique solutions.

The Architecture of a Modern Data Platform

It’s our ambition to implement the best data solutions as efficiently as possible. Based on our years of experience, we have created a solution that can be implemented quickly. The result for our clients is a shorter time-to-market and a greater competitive edge. The solution is cloud-agnostic, we pick the best tool for the job.


Customers where we have successfully applied this

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