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Cloud Security

Delivering cloud solutions secure by design

Cloud Security plays a leading role throughout your entire cloud journey. As a customer, you need to be aware that security is a responsibility that you share with your cloud provider. While they make sure that security of the cloud is guaranteed, you are responsible for security in the cloud.

We incorporate security in every cloud process

This concerns all services and applications you utilize, develop and build in your cloud environment and the people you grant access to them. While many cloud services offer security by design, working securely is a principle often overlooked by cloud users. We help you get in control of your cloud security and guide you through a safe and secure cloud journey. 

Our Cloud Security Services

Security Reviews

Based on modern industry-standard frameworks and best practices we assess your current cloud environment and operations. Based on our reports, you know where you stand regarding your security measures and where to focus on for improvement.

Awareness and Education

We bring your team to a higher level of understanding of cloud security concepts. Based on an intake and assessment on where priorities lie, we create and deliver made-to-measure training, bootcamps, awareness sessions and refreshers.

Design and Build

We bring the security of your cloud environment to a higher level as well. After reviewing your current situation, we define your specific needs and requirements and implement them in a complete end-to-end design and build of your cloud environment. We kickstart with pre-built solutions and deliver knowledge through co-creation and workshops with your team.

Managed Cloud Security

Continue developing with peace of mind by being ensured of continuous security and compliance. Rely on our cloud security engineers to take over management of your cloud services and implementation of security measures. Through monitoring and reporting we help you identify and deal with threats before escalation.

Identify misconfiguration issues and compliance risks in the cloud

Moving to the cloud introduces your organization to a broad set of benefits, such as increased flexibility, new operational IT models, and pay-as-you-go expenses. However, adopting the cloud also introduces a new security risk posture and additional compliance risks for your IT team. Identify misconfiguration issues and compliance risks by continuously monitoring for risks due to misconfiguration.