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Hands-on Consulting

Build data & AI driven solutions

We build data & AI driven solutions for organisations. Preferably in product teams that are a mix of internal and external people. We assist in the whole journey: from idea to concept, and from prototype all the way to a production-grade solution. Moreover, we can be your partner to help your organisation to develop and run solutions yourselves.

Develop and Run AI Applications

We embrace DevOps as the way to go build, and with robustness and security in mind from the start, instead of an afterthought. Standard practices include: performance and cost monitoring, centralized logging, continuous integration, feedback and delivery.

With years of experience in building AI applications we've tackled many applications of machine learning and AI: from recommenders to pricing optimization and from demand forecasting to predictive maintenance.

Custom foundations for your data & AI driven solutions

If our turn-key solutions are not a good fit in you organisation, we can build a custom data platform. On top of this platform you develop data & AI driven solutions, or let your  data analysts gain better business insights and more powerful visualisations. Moreover, it can be the starting point for your specialized, cloud-based data warehouse or even your organisation’s data mesh.

To support your data governance implementation with specialized tooling on top of your data platform in a way that integrates easily and does not put any unnecessary constraints and requirements on your development teams.

Our experienced data engineers are certified on all three major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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