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Do you want to speed up your time to market?

DevOps Consulting

Create a high performance IT capability

Reduce your time to market, and enhance your customer relevance



How do you stay future-fit in an environment of technology advancements, competition, and ever-changing customer needs? Do you want your organization to embrace this challenge and foster innovation and acceleration?

You know that you should be able to introduce, validate, and grow new business initiatives swiftly. But what if the reality still differs from this blueprint? Dare to take the first step in the right direction. 

Customer story

Dutch Railway Operator Strives for More with DevOps Way of Working

DSO creates continuous value with team coaching, embracing DevOps culture and practices; feature delivery sped up to every two weeks

Customer story

Team-First Approach Before Radical Changes Are Made

ABN AMRO embarks on a DevOps transformation, pushing aside a technical angle and ushering in a customized team-first approach crafted by Xebia consultants

Customer story

Outdoor and Cycling Brand Rides High with Innovative New IT Platform

Shimano maximizes performance with a sleeker, streamlined IT environment adding value in six months

Customer story

Dutch Port Community System Improves Continuous Innovation through Cloud Initiative

Portbase migrates to the cloud, reducing costs, eliminating downtime and increasing functionality, using DevOps mindset

Customer story

Sustainability and reliability: How to achieve a higher level of data quality with SRE

50% savings on energy and maintenance costs while working with a scalable and reliable data platform

Customer story

WeTransfer: Creating the DevOps flow

Customer story

Online Bank Makes Money Moves with Adoption of Continuous Delivery

Knab keeps colleagues connected, ensuring successful continuous delivery and feature-rich, cutting-edge products